• Yes, wiki leaks has proven that fraud was involved in the DNC primaries.

    Multiple emails that have been found in Hillary's private email server have uncovered that they intended Hillary to win the primaries without competition. There was so much support for Bernie Sanders during the primary so it is illogical to think that Bernie didn't have a chance in the primaries. The emails have shown that the head of the DNC was involved in rigging the election to support Hillary Clinton.

  • Exit polls are the strongest evidence

    Well, exit polls are one of the best indicators of fraud during an election. The reason for that is that as people are coming out of the booths, they are telling the pollster who they actually voted for. So, if there is any major disparity, it screams of fraud. Right from the get go, the primary exit polls weren't matching results and the differences were waaaaay outside the margins of error to just be an analytical mistake. As soon as fingers were pointed to the DNC about this, they stopped doing exit polls altogether. To me, that just screams 'fraud'. It looks like someone in a back room at DNC headquarters went "s***, they caught us. Don't give them anymore ammo". Not to mention all of the voter registrations that were conveniently removed and switched. The whole election cycle shows massive amounts of fraud (not that it's new in US politics, but this election reached a whole new level). You mix that with the media purposefully misstating numbers and going out of their way to worship Clinton, it's easy to see that Clinton (or, those who own her) bought this election. You guys need a serious overhaul of your election system to eliminate the possibility of fraud. At least this was just primaries and not the general election. The sucky part is that the primaries give you your two main options for the general election, and right now it looks like you'll have two demagogues facing off against each other in a great battle of 'she did that' and 'he said this' with nothing actually accomplished or anything real said.

  • Yes, it more than likely was.

    I think that fraud is at play any time politics are in play. It is impossible in this day and age to assume that politicians are free from corruption. It is highly probably to assume that some kind of fraud was going on during the DNC primaries. While we may not know exactly what kind of fraud or how the primaries were affected because of it, it is reasonable to say fraud existed.

  • Yes, most likely

    Of course, I believe that fraud was at play in the DNC primaries. It's politics. They are always going to lie and twist the truth. It's a corrupt and unfair system. We need to establish a more fair way of electing our officials. They probably just made up a number and waved it in the direction they wanted.

  • Yes I do think Faud was at play in the election.

    I do agree with the statement that many of the DNC primaries held this year were filled with voter fraud and suppression. In many states accusations arose of these practices with law suits filed. I could understand if isolated incidents occurred, but the amount of complaints leads one to believe this was wide spread across many contests.

  • No, fraud was not at play in the democratic primaries.

    No, fraud was not at play in the democratic primaries. There is no evidence that fraud took place. Hilary Clinton is a well respected candidate and there is no evidence that it took fraud for her to win in the primaries. The claim of fraud in the democratic primaries is baseless.

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