• Yes, Gene Wilder's creativness was underrated.

    In my opinion, Gene Wilder was one of the greatest comedic performers of all time. His performances in classic comedies like "The Producers," "Stir Crazy" and "Blazing Saddles" were amazing, and he was incredibly unique. Many people don't know that Wilder actually co-wrote "Young Frankenstein" along with director Mel Brooks.

  • Yes, Gene Wilder is underrated for his creativeness

    Yes, Gene Wilder is very much underrated for his creativeness and his life. He deserved a lot more credit in his life before his passing. Now, people are recognizing the creativeness of his work but he is now unable to be credited due to his death. People tend to recognize these things when it is too late.

  • He was highly underrated

    I hope that people look back now and see the true brilliance of Gene Wilder. From Saturday Night Live, to Blazing Saddles, to Young Frankenstein, to Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Wilder took his roles and put his own unique spin on them. Some actors get lucky because no matter who played a role it would turn out well. Wilder took roles and made them unforgettable on his own.

  • We all appreciated him

    No, Gene Wilder was not underrated for his creativeness, because most of the American public and the public around the world recognized all of the wonderful things that he did. From his role as Willy Wonka to his comedy in Blazing Saddles, people knew long before his death that he was a comedic genius. He got all of the recognition that was well deserved.

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