• Yes, Genius beat better resourced enemies

    George Washington had a monstrous task when he became commander in chief of the American Revolution. He had to devise strategies for beating the British in battle while figuring out a way to feed, clothe, arm, train and recruit his own army. Nothing short of genius could have allowed him to accomplish that feat.

  • Washington was a genius fighting wars

    George Washington was a genius, which extended to fighting wars. He was able to outmaneuver the heavily favored British troops to lead a fledgling and ragtag group to victory. He was able to think ahead, using medicine to reduce disease, such as smallpox. He earned the troops' respect by his intellect.

  • He won against all odds

    Particularly in the Revolutionary War, Washington showed his genius. He was fighting against an enemy who had more men, more weapons, and a lot more money with which to fight. He used a brilliant ground strategy, and because he inspired confidence in his men, they fought very hard for him against long odds.

  • No, George Washington was not a genius in fighting wars

    No, George Washington was not a genius. He was a great general and leader to the early American people. He led his men to victory over the British, but I think it is a stretch to say that he was a genius. You have to think about the context of the war and all of Britain's interests. The American colonies were important to the British, but only in the framework of the whole empire. The empire was huge, and it was better for Britain to cut its losses with the US than to continue fighting the war. That's why the victory was not incredible or 'genius'.

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