• Hitler did nothing wrong

    Mountain dew has proven that hitler did nothing wrong . Look a famous soda company named a drink after him he cant be that evil if we are willing to name our beloved mountain dew after him so Hitler did nothing wrong infact you all are racist jerks. Get a life

  • Hitler is... Interesting

    Although Hitler had some messed up ideas, he had determination. Most people in life want things but have no will, courage determination, etc, to pursue it. Hitler say what he wanted and did what he had to do the get it. I'm not saying his actions are justified, because they aren't, but with his charismatic abilities and other talents regarding warfare, he was a great man (but not a good one).

    In fact, I believe that he was so great that if he hadn't decided to attack Russia at the same time as the rest of Europe then he would have probably won the war. Thank god he made that mistake but nonetheless, he was impressive in all aspects of leadership.

  • Hitler was one of the best men of his time

    Hitler, a god among men, he in my opinion, no in fact he was the second coming of Christ, he was god's son. People always accuse him of killing 6 million Jews but wheres the proof, show me the proof dammit. Maybe they all just died from natural cause. I am tired of people accusing my good man like this, he has done absolutely nothing wrong.

  • He's great. Literally.

    He's great. You can't say anything against that. 6 million Germans employed, banning public smoking, and many more! Modern Germany is not what she should be. Prostitution was something common in Berlin after WW1. When Hitler came, it all ended.

    Look what happened after: COMMUNISM. It broke homes and shit.

  • The man set goals and was willing to do what ever it takes to achieve them,

    He knew what he wanted an figured out how to get it done, nough said. We need more people like him in the world, Unfortunately the wrong side won thw war. Its a shame, really would not mind speaking german instead of english. Its too bad we could not clone him.

  • A bit of semantics here:

    Alright well to say "great" in this context is understandable to an extent. I mean he did command an entire nation. He did set a magnificent war machine into motion. His powers of persuasion were enough to inspire millions.

    However in other terms of the word, I would argue that greatness is achieved by character and not by your achievements. A leader, man or woman, is only considered great when he inspires the determination and the good in people. He leads with wisdom, high ethics and a certain amount of humility.

    If you were to examine Hitler in a psychological profile - you would find that this man had serious narcissism and various other deep-seated psychopathological issues. He was simply dangerous to himself and to others. His hate for the jews and anyone different. His toxic patriotism to white Germany. All are projections of his insecurities. The difference is, most people don't spur a war machine into motion. And try to conquer the world over it.

    I personally believe he was not great. Villainous and spiteful. He killed himself not just because he would be captured when Berlin was invaded - but because his inner self recognized the unbearableness of his actions and the justice that would follow. He's the sort of character who would only inspire you, if you shared the same veiled self-loathing.

  • Had he not committed genocide and tried to take over the world, he might have been considered one of the world's most effective leaders ever.

    While I am not at all a fan of socialism in any form, his Strength Through Joy program was effective in reviving the German economy and bringing the Fatherland out of the Great Depression. This alone would qualify him as impressive, though possibly not great.

    He was an effective enough orator that he moved an entire nation, and a reasonably small one at that, to try to take over the world. That is an unusual and impressive accomplishment. Very few leaders have ever been able to motivate a nation to that extreme, and this moves him to a level of greatness enjoyed by almost none in history.

    He played Machiavellian politics so well that he maintained his power until he took his own life. That puts him in a league beyond most of the Caesars, who were generally murdered, some by their bodyguards or trusted friends.

    He did not , however, succeed at any of his ultimate goals. His legacy is conspicuous in its absence. The Deutschland of today is in no way of his design. In fact, modern Germany is diametrically opposed to much of what he tried to create, and modern Europe is the way it is in spite of Hitler, not because of him. Even the industrial infrastructure and socialist programs were created after all that Hitler made was obliterated.

    See what trying to invade Russia can do?

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