Was Hitler a more evil and ruthless leader than Stalin?

  • Not if we look at the numbers

    By the numbers Stalin killed more people and Mao killed more than either of them. Granted it was more their own people whereas Hitler killed people all throughout Europe but what criteria are you using to qualify as more evil? It was a mistake for the US to side with the Soviets for the purpose of defeating the Nazis, a decision that had repercussions for the next 40 years.

  • Another Silly Question, which you can't prove one way or another.

    How do you prove this?

    You can't! All you have are books written by different authors, all of which are bias one why or the other. And, then you have more books disputed the results in the other books, which are bias one way or another.

    Hitler was a fascist dictator; Stalin was a great man and a communist with millions of followers. Hitler had millions of followers too, but he was insane; he brought Germany out of a great depression initially, but then he destroyed the German economy.

    So my vote is with Stalin because Communism is a much better system than Capitalism. I am talking about Communism as written about by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the Communist Manifesto.

    “Fascist ideology consistently invoked the primacy of the state. Leaders such as Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler in Germany embodied the state and claimed indisputable power. Fascism borrowed theories and terminology from socialism but applied them to what it saw as the more significant conflict between nations and races rather than to class conflict, and focused on ending the divisions between classes within the nation.”

  • Yes Hitler was more evil than Stalin.

    I believe Adolph Hitler was more evil than Stalin in many ways. Hitler's motives were more evil because he specifically wanted to wipe out one whole race based on their roots and their religion. His way of destroying them was evil and ruthless. You have to be a very evil person to be able to burn people alive, and keep them in concentration camps and starve them, all while having no regrets or second thoughts.

  • Hitler is the most evil.

    Hitler is the most evil, however, they were both ruthless and in both cases changed the course of history and the life of millions of humans forever. Hitler was the worse leader and on of the most dangerous humans of our time. His ambition for power destroyed the lives of too many people.

  • yes he was

    Hitler killed so many of his own kind because they disagreed with him and he killed hundreds of millions people with different religon, race all because he got denied from the venice art school in italy and he just over reacted to the denial be cause he had lost all of his money!!!!!

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  • It's like asking to be stabbed or shot.

    By statistics Stalin killed 53 million more than Hitler, so if you go by that, Stalin was more evil. Hitler truly believed Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, etc were evil, Stalin would kill someone no matter there Race, Religion, or Sexuality. But they were both immensely malignant and ruthless so, it's like asking, would you rather be stabbed or shot?

  • Research Stalin's crimes

    Achmed18 needs to consult the history books. Hitler did not kill, hundreds of millions of people, who authorized the extermination of twelve million, so called 'undesirable' and created the spark to tensions but individually, he utilized Germany's own feelings. Stalin on the other hand, killed millions of people, both through purges and throwing his people as cannon fodder at the German army. Japan, in the east had a role to play as well in the war and millions of people in the east died as a result. If one was to calculate, how many people Communism has killed over the years compared with fascism, then Communism is the most evil ideology. The people in Nazi Germany were freer than those in Soviet Russia.

  • No, because Stalin applied the Big Brother form of Government while Hitler baked Jews.

    Both of these men are insane in their own way yes, but keep in mind that Stalin "allegedly" murdered his own wife while drunk, killed more Russians during his campaign than Hitler did during the war, and made sure that all of his political opponents would be killed if they posed any sort of threat to him and his throne. If I recall, Hitler only killed about 11-15 million people throughout the holocaust (includes Jews, gays, hermaphrodites, and innocent people), while Stalin killed an estimated 20 million Russians whom all of which were innocent people. RUSSIANS, ONLY RUSSIANS, so imagine the death toll if it included the war as well. Stalin was the crazier and more ruthless man, just think about this last thought. When Stalin would stand at the podium to give his speech, people were so afraid to stop clapping when he appeared that the clapping would go on for about 10 minutes before bells are used to actually tell the people when to stop. This is the type of fear a ruthless leader should evoke, and that is exactly what Stalin managed to do.

  • Death Toll, essentially

    Stalin killed more people than Hitler, in total. His reign lasted longer, and because the communist regime at that point was so punishing, several people could be worked to death or be declared an enemy of the state, not because they always had done something genuinely disturbing to the state, but because Stalin was just a more short tempered man.

  • Hitler wanted the same things Stalin did.

    I feel that Stalin was just as evil, or even more evil, than Hitler. He ran a national propaganda against his people with the Pravda and practically made them slaves of their own country. There were millions starving and anyone who even thought about thinking for themselves were assassinated. On top of this, Stalin banded up with Hitler in the beginning and wanted to take over the world just as much as Hitler. I must also disagree with your Holocaust argument. The Holocaust was an audacity to the Jews, but the only purpose wasn't to gun down Jews for the fun of it. When Poland was invaded, the people needed to be contained so rebellion wouldn't set in, so the idea came that instead of dedicating armies to hold a city why not put them all in a camp and make them fear only twenty or thirty soldiers? Another unknown fact is that not many Jews were gassed or burned alive, only starved to death, which is absolutely horrible, but Stalin did the same thing to his own people. All of it is evil beyond measure.

  • By the numbers

    Both were known to have hated Jews and While Hitler became the biggest murderer of Jews it is simply because he got to them first.
    As sick and twisted as it was Hitler had a reasoning ( SICK AND TWISTED ) behind what he did, It was to make a pure white and more importantly Aryan race.
    Stalin never seemed to have a reasoning to his madness, He had no true long term goals except to avoid assassination and live as long as he could and there by killed everyone he even thought may get in his way.
    He did not desire true conquest but instead to build the IRON CURTAIN much as like the North Koreans have....

  • Stalin was more evil than Hitler- that is a fact- deal with it!

    Hitler loved animals and his people, as a teenager he was an artist. He couldn't hurt people, he was to soft hearted( he tried to stay away from it if possible).
    Yes he did killed some germans to get more power in his country and became a vegatarian because of an illness. Hitler did made good life in his country.
    Hitler tried to get rid of jew in a "friendly" way at first- by just baning them from any polital etc power. But latter crazy Nazis(his friends who were very sadistic and evil) were given power by Hitler and the jew killing started.
    Since aftet WW1 Germany couldn't make guns, tanks or war planes, Adolf made the factories to make new and best cars, the first highway etc.
    Stalin came gave Hitler his(hitler's) first 30 000 tanks and showed the Germany's factory leaders how tanks are made( also gave the equipment needed).
    Then Germany atacked some countries, became agresor and since those who were supose to forbbid Germany to make weapons were "punched" and suprised. Ww2 starts etc history.
    Stalin's people were even teaching german nazis how to make friendlier versions of lagers aka The Consentration camps.
    A Comparison for you: black people had it much worse than the victims of The Holocaust (including jews), and those who lived under Stalin whould gladly be turned in to a black person during imperializm and before it!
    People that were not jew but were in CC were treated quiete well(compared to jews) and in lagers- All "prisoners" wete treated like jews in CC!
    Hitler even had respect for some jews, specialy for those who showed good use in WW1 (one explosion invinter was a jew, without him Germany would have lost the WW in about 5 months) like soldier jew- he even admited that they were very brave(braver than him even) soldiers. That kin of jews actualy gained protection from the jew extermination!
    In the Stalin's SSRS the heroes of WW2 that were left legless or disabled from actualy working or giving worth to sociaty, were one day begging for money, the next day - all of them were gone.

  • Stalin was a far more evil dictator than Hitler

    Stalin killed far more people than Hitler (40 million compared to 18 million). This also includes people in countries like Ukraine where people starved to death and Poland where Stalin took over. It wasn't just Russians in the Gulag. Plus the Red Army were bloodthirsty and violent men who committed atrocities such as rape and shooting surrendering Wehrmacht soldiers. They are both evil men but Stalin is more evil than Hitler.

  • Sadistic and creative

    Either way both of these men were evil. One killed for power among his own people while the other "cleansed" his country of a believed evil. In order to decide on these two you must look at the method of killing and the way these mass murders were carried out. Looking at an event like the Holocaust, you see places like Auschwitz and Treblinka and think of how methodical and precise the Third Reich had been in the planning of the murder of MILLIONS of people. Stalin had the lovely preferred method of shooting, not to say that there wasn't other ways of murder preformed. What makes the Third Reich and the mastermind Hitler stand out is the accuracy and planning put into the murder, the almost creativity they put at the expense of so many peoples lives.

  • Hitler was evil but he was well liked by the German people and he basically brought the world out of the Great Depression.

    Whereas Stalin really never did anything that would benefit the world and killed an astounding amount more people than Hitler did, 6 million killed by Hitler, 34 to 49 million directly linked to Stalin. Hitler was mainly a little league player compared to Stalin, plus if the US knew about this when Stalin was alive there would be more people against Stalin than Hitler.

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