• What kind of question is that?

    Of course he was really that bad. He was probably the worst human being ever to be born. He killed six million Jews and started the largest war in human history. He tried o dominate the world and force us all into submission. And it's a question whether he's that bad?

  • Worst Man Ever

    In my oppinion Hitler was the worst man ever to walk the earth and I am glad that he died because of all the horrible cold hearted things he did, such as attempt to exterminate all the Jews and start the worst war in human history, thank goodnss he is dead

  • He was evil

    He liked to kill kill kill he was evil his parents might have been good and i think his granpa was a jew or a shoe like the cringe son we need to kill all his relatives even though he had none he was just sooooooooo EVIL peace out
    -anonymus also too much cringe shoutout to harambe

  • Most Leaders Are.

    Most leaders are because they have to make choices that damn them whichever they choose. American leaders had Japanese internment camps, intentionally led America into War, goaded Japan into attacking, dropped nuclear bombs upon civilians. They did these things because they considered them lesser evils and necessary. Hitler did far worse with his holocaust and blatant aggression. I am sure he would have found it difficult to look with his own eyes upon the genocide he ordered among the Jews. Himmler threw up when he viewed it. But Hitler ordered it and far worse. I believe he was deluded and polite to the waiter. But he committed great evil with full understanding of his actions. Evil by far. Jaggerin.

  • That is no question

    Of course he was evil. He believed that aryans were the superiors and that Slavs should be slaves just because they aren't aryans. His view was that aryans were the superiors and every other race deserved.To be treated like animals. He killed the jews just because he didn't like them, and THAT was the cause of the holocaust. World war 2 was much more destructive than the world war 1, and it was hitler who started it all. His intentions were NO good, and he is one of the monstrous men that ever lived in history

  • He killed 6 million+ Jews, not mentioning starting WWII.

    He killed, killed, killed, was racist, killed, killed, killed. He is the living
    devil on Earth. He celebrated Roosevelt's death. He put Jews inside of gas chambers or made them work until they died. When he died, half the world probably cheered. Luckily, he's dead. There was not and probably won't be someone this horrible again in the flesh and bone.

  • History is written by the victors people!

    There is good and bad in all of us and we all do silly things sometimes. People forget hitler was a hero in the first world war and created full employment in the second. He also loved animals a lot and didn't cheat on his wife.
    So i'm saying no, hitler really wasn't "that bad"

  • Everyone is bad.

    We all suck as human beings. Yes, Hitler killed a TON of people who had absolutely no reason to die. No, he was not the first person to kill millions. War is always killing people, but no one ever points out the generals from world war I as being horrible people. We dropped two f***ing nuclear bombs on innocent civilian cities. We didn't drop them on military bases, we dropped them on innocent people who did nothing wrong. Their government did, sure. But they did not. He was a horrible man, yes. No, Hitler is not nearly as bad as people say he is. He is just iconic.

  • Hitler was not bad

    He didn't start the war the american's did even know i'm american i think hitler was not bad and he wasn't a bad guy at all he com
    itt suicide because he didn't want to be killed by the american's so he comitted suicie where we wasn't goin to be killed by the american's

  • Hitler was not bad

    He didn't start the war the american's did even know i'm american i think hitler was not bad and he wasn't a bad guy at all he com
    itt suicide because he didn't want to be killed by the american's so he comitted suicie where we wasn't goin to be killed by the american's

  • History is told by those who won

    Appart from the fact he killed a lot of people, he really loved his homeland and made it a better place and a global superpower, lastimg to this day. So yeah, he would be regarded as the best man to ever existed if he hadnt lost the war and killed so many jews

  • Wanted to restore Germany to prominance

    Hitler was not the most evil man of that era.That destinction goes to Stalin who starved millions of his own people and was responsible for more murders than Hitler could ever imagine. Hitler, for all his wickedness, wanted to restore the boundaries to include all the German people that were at that time annexxed to other countries.The Germans who lived in this provinces were subjected to brutalities that matched all the suffering that the Jews had to endure in Nazi Germany.. Hitler wanted finally to let the Germans living in The Danzig province of Poland to be given the option to return to Germany. Poland, assured by her friends, England and France, that she would be backed up in case of conflict, said no. If Poland had complied with Hitler's demand,there would have been no WW2..

  • I think he was good

    I think he wasn't open because he had beautiful painting he had a heart to get a dog and he did what he thought was best for his country
    Would you think killing someone for the good of your country is good or bad? Hitler thought killing the Jews world benefit his country. Does doing this really make him a bad person?

  • He was just cleaning up the mess. A metaphorical dustpan, if you will.


  • History is written by the victors.

    Eisenhower had death camps of his own that were in operation during the Nuremberg trials. He declared the prisoners to be disarmed combatants and not POWs so fhat he didn't have to abide by the Geneva convention. That meant no food , water, bathrooms or shelter of any kind. 136 out of 137 defendants at the Nuremberg trials had their testiclrs crushed while being tortured into signing confessions in a language they couldn't even read. The us had a policy of killing civilians whist the Germans had a policy against killing civilians. Hitler was a vegetarian and animal rights activist and statted the first anti smoking campaign. He did not want war and made many attempts to stop it from happening.

  • H a r a m b e

    H a r a m b e h a r a m b e h a r a m b e h a r a m b e h a r a m b e h a r a m b e h a r a m b e lol

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