• He killed 6 million+ Jews, not mentioning starting WWII.

    He killed, killed, killed, was racist, killed, killed, killed. He is the living
    devil on Earth. He celebrated Roosevelt's death. He put Jews inside of gas chambers or made them work until they died. When he died, half the world probably cheered. Luckily, he's dead. There was not and probably won't be someone this horrible again in the flesh and bone.

  • What kind of question is that?

    Of course he was really that bad. He was probably the worst human being ever to be born. He killed six million Jews and started the largest war in human history. He tried o dominate the world and force us all into submission. And it's a question whether he's that bad?

  • Worst Man Ever

    In my oppinion Hitler was the worst man ever to walk the earth and I am glad that he died because of all the horrible cold hearted things he did, such as attempt to exterminate all the Jews and start the worst war in human history, thank goodnss he is dead

  • Yes I a way

    I am a 11 year old girl and I understand several things more intelligently than thousands of grown adults. Hitler was a horrible with the grand massicure of thousands of Jews but most of the facts the government and television shows are actually s**t. They give out so much incorrect bs then what is needed why do think they blur out most of the articles. I paesonly dissagree with hitlers actions I still think that his subside was abs call. The most powerful man had world domination in his hands I dissagree with him committing suiside I be alive with the facts that I know is not bs that hitler escaped the prison and lived in South America. Thank you for all!

  • Yes he was bad because...

    He killed a lot of innocent men just because he didn't like Jews, plus he invaded Poland for no apparent reason. Yes he did save his country from the Jews but why start a war just because you don't like someone?
    Anyone a Harry Potter fan cos Hitler and Umbridge would make a great couple

  • I think he was a horrible person.

    He killed over 6 million Jews, and he and his army killed over 11 million people. They set up killing camps, willing to murder every Jew. He also created gas chambers, killing even more. He was a cruel person, driven mad by not being successful during the "final solution". Even though he may have had the heart to care for his dog Blondi, he didn't have the heart to save Jewish women's and children's lives. He actually took them. It was devastating, how he killed 2/3 of Europe's Jewish population.

  • Hitler himself is evil however he did not do it alone

    Hitler was evil and there is no doubt about that he did order the killing of the Jews and Slavs, but he was not the one that beat the prisoners mercilessly or made them work in the cold or take practice shots at them or raped women prisoners. What I am saying is that there had to be people that followed him because one man could not kill millions of people alone there had to be other evil people with him agreeing with him and taking out those orders. My point is Hitler should not receive all the blame for the Holocaust there was others like him that did these obese things and everyone as a whole should rice the blame not one scapegoat that gets blamed al them time. When we talk about the Nazi’s we should not just rip on Hitler we should say that the Nazi Regime was evil not just Hitler.

  • The Jews A lot of Jews

    He killed over 6 million Jews, said they couldn't go to school.He also took away their jobs and killed them in a bunch of camps with gas.If he was a good man why would he kill all of them if he was a good man.Hitler was a horrible man.Good he's gone.

  • We only know what britishers shown us

    He was against treaty of versailles,which was worst for Germans,he wanted to take back the pride of Germans what they lost in WW1.The Germany was facing crisis after WW1 & he lifted Germany from the bottom,He was trying to extend the power of Germany which was previously done by many warriors...Yeah he was bad but not as bad as was shown by the cheat British,US & Russia

  • He was evil

    He liked to kill kill kill he was evil his parents might have been good and i think his granpa was a jew or a shoe like the cringe son we need to kill all his relatives even though he had none he was just sooooooooo EVIL peace out
    -anonymus also too much cringe shoutout to harambe

  • History is written by the victors people!

    There is good and bad in all of us and we all do silly things sometimes. People forget hitler was a hero in the first world war and created full employment in the second. He also loved animals a lot and didn't cheat on his wife.
    So i'm saying no, hitler really wasn't "that bad"

  • Everyone is bad.

    We all suck as human beings. Yes, Hitler killed a TON of people who had absolutely no reason to die. No, he was not the first person to kill millions. War is always killing people, but no one ever points out the generals from world war I as being horrible people. We dropped two f***ing nuclear bombs on innocent civilian cities. We didn't drop them on military bases, we dropped them on innocent people who did nothing wrong. Their government did, sure. But they did not. He was a horrible man, yes. No, Hitler is not nearly as bad as people say he is. He is just iconic.

  • Hitler was cool

    COOL=CONSTIPATED OVERWEIGHTED OLD LADY!! Tbf He had a really trendy moustache and like 4 pomegranate trees in his garden. His dog had 9 toes bcus it was lowkey a spider with an extra leg so imo Hitler was bad but not too bad. They had cinemas apparently which is nice.

  • Zionist propaganda is

    Ruining the minds of our youth. It’s funny how everyone that says Hitler was bad can only say what they’ve taught you to believe in school. The people who defend Hitler truly know the truth and are enlightened by reality instead of being brainwashed like the rest of you sheep.

  • Hitler was not the exaggerated evil maniac you think of.

    Hitler was not so bad because he lost a war and poor Hitler got his evilness exaggerated. The concentration camps were also exaggerated, and the western allies are hypocrite for exaggerating it because the allies had been setting a concentration camp in Africa and it's condition is equivalent or worse than Nazi labor camps. Hitler also loved animals and treated them like humans whereas the British were encouraging it's citizens to slaughter their dogs. The Nazi also restored the German faith by improving it's economy. Tell me a leader who has his citizens' morale low and soon the leader restored their faith? Not even the Western Allies had one who is capable of achieving the positive things Hitler did.

  • Weve been lied to, He came close but the victors tell thd tail.

    Ok, first off the Jews started the war.They even put it in the newspapers, jews dsclare war on Germany and germany was boycotted by the jews.Hitler did the smart thing. He began gathering them up,to be shipped out with promise of there own home, He then changed the money basically, and backed away from jewish banks. Germany started to grow. Germany was flourishing and all the people loved him. He couldve destroyed Britans whole Army at Dunkirk but delayed their termination they litterally left all there weapons behind, tanks, truck, horses, artillery cannons, even their riffles, and they escaped by the grace of Hitler, who told his generals to stop. Unfortuantly for Hitler, who was still tryng to obtain a peacful solution. He allowed thosands of allie soldiers to escape, Churchill did not agree to the generous offers made by Hitler however. When germans invaded paris it was after france and britan declared war on Germany. Hitler recieved info that Russia was going to attack Germany. He would not want a war with 2 fronts with russia and the allies. So he decided to strike first. Meanwhile, Churchill wasnt going to win without the USA so he needed a reason to get America to join. Roosevelt stopped trading with Japan thru sanctions which gave japan a reason to attack because they were running out of resources. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. US citizens are angured the trick worked America enters the war.(sound like 9-11?) . Germany suffers major deafet while invading Russia. The rest is pretty much downhill. Fastforward-Germany is defeated, and when the allies were finally finished raping thosands of german woman of all ages by the good guys....I guess taking a nation that actually has pride in its race and mixing things up a little, could be considered good punishment. Nuremburg trails. During the trials, the Allies are lossing their cases at making Germany look like a criminal nation. Goering has a field day with them asking why is Germany so diffrent from the USA? Germans only took what was ours and re liberatted its people back to germany. Americans killed millions of Native Indians when they invaded indian country ! Allies had to think fast come up with Holocist idea an enablerer to make Germany look like the evil country not the countries that came across the oceans to attack germany. The Allies militaries look to the millions of captured german soliders and immediatly change their status from POWs to DEA. The only reason some1 would take someoout of a protective status is simply so they would not be protected. Even RedCross was not allowed to help millions of German soldiers that are unaccounted for. The only person that could see it was Hitler. Today everyone is basically a mutt. No pride in ones race and if you do try it, your a racist.

  • History Is Written Always By The Victors

    Hitler did not always wanted to go to war with the allied powers, as evident in multiple of his speeches. He did not want the Jewish people to control the banking system in Germany so he expelled them from the country. He restructured Germany and reduced unemployment in the country drastically. Hitler was a good man.

  • Just as bad as any other leader

    How can we blame one singular person for the actions of millions? Hitler was a product of society, not the other way around. Even Winston Churchill shared similar racist views, believing jews should be displaced to Palestine, not to mention the Bengal Famine and his writings in favour of poisonous gases.

    Hitler's intention was for concentration camps to be separate places for jews to live, fit with tennis courts, post offices ect. Because of the popular believe that Jews were the cause of economy problems that contributed to ww1 losses.

    Not only this, but there is evidence he was a kind man, despite struggles with homelessness and inability to find a job. He was a vegan, had a great love for the environment, was eco friendly and very successful.

  • He did it to save his country

    He simply killed off any other people who either disagreed with him or were dragging the country down so in the end if we would have started off ruling a larger nation he may have actually been able to rule the world and rid it of the weak and useless

  • Not one person can kill millions

    I don't agree or disagree with him being good or bad. I agree he was a genious psychopath, however it wasn't he that put the jews on the trains, into the camps, into the chambers ect. It was his sadistic proponents in the SS such as Himmler, Goebles, Göth ect. He was no worse than Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini or any tyrannical dictator. Not saying he was completely good, however Stalin was commiting genocide amung his own country as well as the Jews before hitler came in, Gangis Khan as well. The British had their fair share as well as the French long before Hitler. Stalin never did anything for the Russian economy or infrastructure, Hitler gave people jobs, attempted to bring up the economy and increased the infrastructure immensley. And what about the innocent bombing of allied land such as the Americans in the Netherlands (ie the bombing of Nijmegen) where they decimated 90% of a non combative city for just a few Germans (possibly thinking it was part of Germany...Noone knows)

    In conclusion. Hitler was maybe rather psychotic, however he cared about his country which I can't say for 90% of world leaders and was just as full of faults as the rest of the leaders during WW2. No country was innocent and it takes the population to do the acts. Not one crazy man. They didnt have to listen to his craziness.

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