• 10-year-old child should not have been on Schlitterbahn water slide

    The park previously had an age restriction on the ride and had a height requirement of at least 54 inches. Some park guest mentioned the safety harness was not working correctly earlier in the day. The victim's own brother told a park worker that his brother looked skinny and should not have been on the ride.

  • Yes, improper safety measures were the issue at the water park.

    Improper safety measures were the main issue that resulted in the latest child's death at the Schlitterbahn water park. The water park features the tallest water slide in the world. Unfortunately, Schlitterbahn did not take all of the safety precautions needed when operating such a big water slide. Furthermore, the water park lacks enough supervision to ensure the safety of all the patrons. Therefore, a number of issues related to safety measures resulted in this latest tragedy.

  • Yes, it was.

    Improper saftey measures was a big problem at this water park. What happened at the water park was a huge tragedy, and could have been prevented if the correct safety measures had been followed. There do not need to be new safety measures, but the original ones need to be followed.

  • Yes, safety measures were not good enough.

    So many of these parks want to have the biggest and best rides. While Schlitterbahn did seem to take several safety precautions, simply by putting such a dangerous ride in their park they were negligent. Better precautions should have been in place, whether that means better restraints, more inspections or a higher age/height requirement for the ride.

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