Was it a good idea for Hans (the handsome guy) to be the villain in Frozen?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • OMFG of course it's original!

    The whole time, it didn't make sense for Hans and Anna to fall in love in just one night. Hans makes way more sense as an evil character- confusing Anna, driving a wedge between her and her sister, and trying to maneuver himself into power at the expense of others. Plus, having a handsome person be evil once doesn't count as discrimination against handsome people (stupid argument) and proves that personality and looks are not necessarily related!

  • Anyone could have potential of becoming evil

    Just because he is handsome doesn't mean children will start disliking handsome/beautiful people. Besides, the evil queen was a beautiful person, yet kids didn't go rebel against pretty people. In past Disney film, their villains include negative characteristics such as obesity, scars, over exaggerated features, poorly groomed/dressed, etc. Kids didn't start distrusting their grandparents cause they were overweight. Anyways, it teaches that people that look perfect aren't always what you think they are and that anyone could be evil in life. Besides, I enjoyed the plot twist.

  • It teaches an important life lesson

    For a Disney animated movie, it was renegade to make the handsome prince a snake in the grass, but I feel that serves a purpose: to teach about the outside world. There are unprincipled individuals out there, and like Hans, they have a friendly exterior to hide their true colors.

  • BECCAUSE IOF this movie, handomse men will be distrusted

    As a phucking handsome hunk of meat, i feel offended by this movies portrayal of handsome men. It labels them as decieving people out to get a fortune, but depicts disgusting people with no manners as heroes. I had to leave the theater out of disgust after han showed his true intentions

  • It will bring on a generation thats raised to distrust handsome men

    As a handsome man myself, we've had a decent screen adaptation of handsome people such as I. Then this movie comes out and I could have ignored this; but unfortunately it became a worldwide phenomenon. Due to the success of this movie, it seems handsome men being the villains may start to become the norm in the coming years which will inevitably be detrimental to growing boys self-image. Why be handsome if people will distrust you? Instead you could be a disgusting person with no manners, but you will be trusted. You see the issue here?

  • About Han's twist

    Personally, I find Hans to be worst villain in Disney history. I don't see a clear setup or connection, and I think Hans is out of character in act 3. In the first act, we see Hans as a typical nice guy. But then later, he is reavealed to be the main antagonist in the third act, and it is too late.
    And I know you think the reason Making Hans the villain in the last act is a clever twist, because it teaches a new message. I mean, don't get me wrong, the message is nice; it is actually clever that true love doesn't just come from romantic relationships, it comes from family. But for me, it feels shoehorned and out of character.
    We don't see the foreshadow/transition to a villain. The song, "Love is an Open door", he did is a duet with Anna. Okay, we hear the line that hans wanted his own place, but we don't see/feel his traits for a villain. And I don't see the reason why Hans is a proper villain for frozen. Then in act 2, we see that Hans determines to stop Elsa from keeping the whole kingdom in ice and snow. So we see Elsa defending herself but gets captured. Again we don't see the Segway for Hans as a main antagonist. And then in act 3, Hans tells Elsa to stop this catastrophe. Later when Anna is brought back to the kingdom, when we see Han's about to kiss Anna, he is reveale to be the villain of this movie, an then in the climax, we see Hans and his attempt to swing the sword against Elsa, Anna stops by and gets frozen *no pun intended*. So after we see the true love by Anna and Elsa. Hans got arrested and was taken back home. And I think the climax is rushed. I just don't see his proper role as a villain for this movie. The only villain that is acceptable is Elsa's conflict that she tries so hard to control herself but accidentally causes chaos. And what I mean is, it would depend how Elsa might misuse powers or control her powers. In my opinion Prince Hans is shoehorned as the villain in Frozen

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