Was it appropriate to have killed Osama bin Laden, or would it have been better to put him on trial?

  • "Trial?" LOL

    If he had surrendered peacefully, then yes. Unfortunately, he was shooting back at us and using his mistresses/wives as human shields. In addition, there was also the fear that he had rigged himself with explosives. That makes it impossible to take him alive.
    Plus, he probably would've been tried by a military tribunal which is pretty much a joke and only delivers the answer that the military wants it to.

  • Yes.

    Is it appropriate to capture every enemy we ever fight and give them a trial or just kill them? If they're attacking us, we can respond by killing them.

  • Eye for eye

    Let someone kill your family or friends, find them, have them start shooting at you, And tell me what you would do. It wasn't just what he was or wasn't responsible for. It was the fact when they found him he was combative. He was not going anywhere alive and that was a choice he made. I just dont understand how a nation can forget so easily. I was in second grade and still havent forgoten.


    Imagine yourself walking in the twin tower’s rubble the day after 911. You leave footprints in the ashes of not only the building, but people who were burned to death. You step through the debris, littered with limbs and strips of flesh- not to mention dead bodies. Puddles of blood collect around the countless mutilated corpses, blown apart by hatred. And you wonder… How many of the 2,000 killed were dearly loved? How many of them were mothers and fathers struck dead for earning their own keep? How many sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, and friends died that day? How many? How many families are now scarred, left naked in the dark suffering and destitute.
    All of this goes back to one man; one criminal mastermind whom since he can remember has chanted, “Death to little Satan, death to big Satan.”
    Due to him a little boy will never know his father. A young girl whom was close to her brother will never see him again; nor will her family be able to collect his remains and mark his place in this world.
    His death was a small comfort to the thousands, even millions who are marred by this horrific event..... And by the way the goal was to capture Osama, but his followers opened fire on the nave seals and capture turned to kill.

  • Yeah, capturing him would have sparked madness

    Think about it, if we captured Osama Bin Laden, al-Qaeda would have attacked so many of our embassies in the Middle East, Americans would have been taken hostage until he was returned. While in theory it would have been nice to take him in, try him and execute him, there would have been so much more at stake for the safety and security of Americans, better that we killed him on May 2nd, 2011.

  • If I remember correctly

    The Seals were in the middle of a firefight when he was killed. They had no other option. Capturing him was an option, for sure.

  • There is no answer for a question like this.

    People have their different opinions. If it affected you or you lost a friend or family member of course you will side with YES but if you weren't you might argue the whole "unfair treatment and Americans are hypocrites." thing. I have to both agree and disagree. First of all, if it were an american attacking a different country and that country came in to kill the man without informing us then the US would most likely attack them back. BUT, yes there is but, I do always have to say that too many things were at stake. The safety of citizens, security guards, unfair trials, and etc.

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  • Every person has the right to be tried in court, it is in most western constitutions and can not be ignored for specific cases

    The hypocrisy in saying that he should not have gotten a trial is that many citizens are willing to ignore their constitution due to an emotional response to an event, but are perfectly willing to call upon them when it suits their own needs. Your response is purely emotional which is not how the system of justice works as it is about what is right not how an individual or group. In the event of a trial the result would have been the same but every person should have a right to be trialed. The perfect example of the ignoring of the constitution was the Boston Bombings, where conservative Americans called for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev to be tried in front of a military tribunal instead of a normal court of justice. Others like the members of the Fox News crew wanted him to be tortured and interrogated, this violates two amendments in the American constitution. The act of simply killing him resulted in him becoming a martyr for Islamic groups as well as allowing for the rise of other Islamic extremist groups like ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria). The potential for information gained from his capture would have been worth the risk since they were already in building he was in, if he had personally tried to kill one of the people attempting to capture him there would have been a difference, but by the accounts of some of the soldiers they shot him as soon as they saw him, and claim that he was not armed when they searched the body. Finally America was responsible for the results of Osama Bin Laden's rise to power because they recruited him to form a militia against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan

  • An Eye for an Eye

    Osama bin Laden got what he deserved. He never gave his victims a fair trial or a proper burial, so why should we? In my opinion, anyone who is so evil and anti-freedom deserves to die. We at least gave him a fighting chance because he had weapons in his complex. Osama used teams of suicide bombers to kill thousands of innocent people. And what did he do when we came for him? He ran away and used his wife as a human shield like a coward. Good riddance.

  • Assassination isn't the answer

    Since the FBI never actually linked Bin Laden directly to the events on 9/11 (go to fbi.Gov and see for yourself), pegging him instead with involvement in an embassy bombing in the nineties, how is it justifiable that we throw out jurisprudence and send in the assassins (aka Seal Team 6)? It's state-sponsored assassination, plain and simple. Though I think the new, voter-friendly jargon is "targeted killing".
    I don't see how we can justify having removed his every right as a human being and murdered him without even a whisper of a trial. But I guess when a government has no one to answer to, Justice doesn't really mean anything to the people except when evoked on the emotional level, where killing is somehow sane.

  • It was an attrocity

    If the United States continues to make everything "us vs. Them" there won't be anymore "us" and there won't be anymore "them." Hate breeds hate and all people deserve to have protection under the law. If a person is a citizen who kills people, we afford them a trial. It shouldn't make any difference whether the person is a citizen or not.

  • We should have put him on trial....

    .... in order to balance the flow of information about the intelligence methods used to capture him. This isn't about whether he deserved to die, or if it's moral for him to have been executed pre-trial. This is about the "skeleton in the closet" surrounding the intelligence community and the entire establishment of the Al Qaeda regime. The amount of information that would have become public is worth keeping him alive to face trial.

    The benefit outweighs the consequence.

  • Hear what he had to say

    Isn't anyone else curious about what he would have had to say? Isn't his testimony important? There is so much that is unclear about this whole situation. Of course it would be better to have him in custody and to have his version on record. Also, Bin Laden is considered a hero in some parts of the world. Why make him a martyr?

  • One man allowed to order death

    I don't agree with the death penalty, nor do I agree with the decision being made by one man, namely the American president. Why should he have the power to override international law? Where's the justice without a separation between government and judicial systems? Where is the line drawn? What other international laws can he bend?

  • There should have been a trial...

    I think that he should have been tried, if possible. He probably would have been given the death penalty anyway. I think that way would have been more humane and left the U.S. with a better reputation. He had a family too. Sure, the guy was pretty twisted, but he had family who cared about him and probably would have appreciated a formal trial.

  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Just saw this movie and I found it unsettling and ironic. As an American, human and woman, I'm ashamed how our government has behaved in the name of "public safety and peace." It's clear we were operating on hypocritical principles of revenge, judgment and war. Two wrongs don't make a right. Hopefully, when you know better, you do better.

  • This is a moment in history that we will look back on with utter shame.

    Violence has been inflicted by people on both sides of this confrontation. Al-Qaeda and the armies of the west are each guilty of their own atrocities. And now, to add to the war crimes of the west, we have lost whatever faint, false right we have to call ourselves just. The hypocrisy is now looming over the heads of those who have the power to end all this violence, but choose not to for reasons kept from us. Osama Bin Laden's death was drastically unnecessary and barbaric. What kind of sick people celebrate death, even if he was a war criminal. Those who killed him and certainly those who were happy of his death, are guilty of crimes against peace. When thousands of people celebrate a murder, one must surely begin to question what kind of good can come from such a species.

  • No.

    We are hypocrites, by doing that. Have you ever thought what would have happened if he was armed, how many people would have been killed in the standoff? Oh no, you guys don't care. Only Americnas have feeling, right? "America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization." -George Clemenceau

  • No

    I think we should stand behind our assertions of patriotism and not become what we hate. I mean we have had terrorist in our own back yard commit mass murder for what ever reason and they were tried and justice prevailed.

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