• Innocent People" I think not.

    The U.S. was right for bombing Japan because Germany already found out about splitting atoms and they would of told their designs to their allies, Japan, and Japan could of potentially bombs "Innocent" Americans. Also, if we hadn't have bombed Japan, Russia would of invaded them and the "Innocent People" of Japan would of committed suicide, rather than dying from Russia.

    Posted by: qt16
  • When you start a war and loose, you are responsible for all the people killed.

    The simple fact is that Japan started the war and it was Japanese policy that led to the deaths of those in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The strategic and tactical aspects of the US decision to drop/where to drop are second to the reality that the bombs were the de facto summation of Japanese policy set in the year 1941. Much of the No camps argument is centered on anti-American views stemming from other geo-political issues than rejection of US policy vis-a-vie the bombings of Japan. It also saved millions of lives, both Japanese and American

  • Of course Not!!!

    By using Nuclear Bombs, USA became a wild, uncivilized country who wanted to show to the world who will be the next, new police of the world (to replace Germany and Japan) The same happened with Philippine, they fought Spain to gain independence, to end up as US colony and then to fight again against new conquer.

  • I say yes with my deepest regrets

    Fact of the matter is it happened and there is nothing we can do about it now. However, because it happened I feel people began to fear all out nuclear war. We learned from our mistakes. I would never call it the right thing to do I wouldn't even say it was justified. Our justification for dropping the A-bombs was images of common Japanese people gearing up for war; giving America a reason to consider all Japanese people to be a threat. Remember, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor (a military target) Hiroshima and Nagasaki were cities with civilians (innocent men, woman and children). I truly hope we learned our lesson. Yes, all is fair in love and war but in war no one truly wins.

  • Yes, it was necessary

    It was in fact necessary because, Japan had developed Biological bombs at that time. For example, there was a submarine that was being operated at the time of the bombs dropping that surrendered to an American warship. The United States found bombs filled with fleas and fleas, these rats and fleas were infected with Cholera, Anthrax, typhus, bubonic plague, as well as other deadly diseases. This bomb was planned to be dropped on places like NY, Washington D.C, and other major cities along the eastern seaboard. We inadvertently avoided the deaths of American citizens by dropping the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • No, it was not right but it has to be done!

    US was wrong to bomb the cities where there were civilians. Although after bombing the cities the world learnt a lesson that how much devastating and lethal were these nuclear bombs. With these nuclear bombs the countries can threat each other but can not attack each other with nuclear bombs because they know that no one will survive. The gap between WWI and WWII is almost 20 years. If there were no bombing there would have been WWIII resulting in millions of death. US was right to bomb but the way was not right. War is between soldiers not the civilians including children and women.

  • Go Truman!! USA

    HMM and after all these years has war ever been humane? And people at pearl weren't innocent? Um that's bull crap that's inhumane to say it was OK to do that. That was inhumane it didn't solve anything. U.S. ended the war with the atomic bomb . Pearl harbor just created more conflict for everyone. I don't believe war will solve things. But obviously it has, and Truman made the right decision it was not inhumane its just war.

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  • They believed the emperor was a deity

    Religion poisons everything! What a terrible nation. They raped Asia in the name of their god( Nanking) they tortured and mutilated POWs. They had forced labour and obeyed no laws and ignored humanity. Saving one U.S. Life made it worthwhile. It is the fault of a nation that encouraged belief that a mammal was a God that caused them to fight on when it was futile. Ask China, Philippines etc if the bomb was right. Japan had no regard for any human life. Well done Truman. I imagine it really was not that hard a decision

  • Was killing MILLIONS the right thing to do?

    It was a completely unnecessary thing to do. I look on the ‘Yes’ column and all these people are saying that it would’ve saved many lives. Are you sure about that? Because it actually killed so MILLIONS of innocent lives in Japan, the first bombing happened while there were still people in Hiroshima, and they had absolutely no idea it was coming to them. The second bombing happened because the Japanese people refused to surrender for honor, which lead to the U.S not bothering to send SOLDIERS who agreed to risk their own life for their country out in the battlefield, but instead to just drop another bomb. The thing about the second bomb in Nagasaki was that the U.S actually told them to save their own lives as they were planning to bomb there. But! That isn’t even the worst part… As the pilot was flying near the drop point, he noticed it was too CLOUDY to drop the bomb AND the fuel was low so he didn’t drop it in Nagasaki but somewhere much further away, killing even MORE innocent people that had no idea that their life was going to be ruined.
    The bombing was such a dumb thing to do. Another reason to why Truman dropped the bomb was because he wanted avoid risking invasion from the Japanese so the lives of the soldiers and civilians. Well it wasn’t only because of that. Truman was under the pressure of being elected for President and we wanted to look like a good leader in front of his country and make it seems like dropping a bomb twice on the enemy was the best way to get elected for president. It was a sick, twisted and cruel thing to do and I wonder how he slept so peacefully at night.
    Let’s not forget how the Russians were trying to help the U.S defeat the Japanese. They were only trying to do it the proper way, and they thought since Russia is closer to Japan, the invasion and capturing of Japan would be easy. Of course U.S.A agreed to the arrangement but that was only because they were cowardly enough to say ‘No’. Another truth behind why they dropped the bomb was so the War could be over quick and so Russia doesn’t take control of Japan. U.S.A never trusted the Russians.
    Oh but I’m not done yet! The bomb had its effect on the Japanese. To be honest, it was much better being closer to the bomb them being close enough to live through the radiation. The radiation had monstrous effects on the Japanese, effects that weren’t even studied and were completely new to human knowledge. There was this horrible one where people would lose all their white blood cells, which would stop them from healing after a cut, meaning the bleeding would never stop. The next stage is loss of hair. Then comes the yellow skin and horrible fever. Followed by a slow. Fatal. Death.

  • Started Cold War

    When the United States dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan, it started the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The tens of thousands of lives snuffed out by Fat Man and Little Boy will never be replaced and the civilians killed didn't do anything to deserve their suffering. Just like Vietnamese civilians didn't deserve to be napalmed, Japan shouldn't have been bombed. Yes, it might have saved more lives in the long-term. However, nuclear devices set off a chain of events unforeseen by scientists in the culture of fear that persisted for 40 years beyond World War II.

  • But We Didn't Know

    We didn't know the extent of what would happen, but had we we shouldn't have. People often make it sound like we would otherwise have had to do a land invasion. That's not the case. Japan was defeated and they knew it. Their diplomats were already showing signs they were about ready to negotiate for a surrender. Simply blockading Japan with conventional bombing without a land invasion would've lead to a surrender.

  • The U.S. had other options.

    With that being said, it is hard to fairly answer it from the information they had at that time. The truth is, Truman used the bomb to scare off Russia from pursuing its own interest in Asia. It was also used as a way to not negotiate with Japan at all. Japan was ready to surrender but wanted to keep their emperor but we were determined not to give them any of their concessions. Looking back hey kept their emperor after all. The truth behind the bomb is, if we had allowed Russia to keep what Roosevelt had promised him, and allowed the Japanese to keep their emperor would the war have continued past the second bomb.

  • The Bombing Was A Bad Desision

    I think the bombs dropped on Japan was the wrong thing to do. Civilian casualties are always unacceptable and the bombs dropped caused far too much damage. In addition to the outrageous number of non combatants killed and injured the damage done to the environment was uncalled for. There could have been a better way to deal with the issue.

  • This was not okay.

    People all over the world were effected by this tragic incident and so many people died from fire, radiation, and sicknesses caused by the radiation. Even though the bombing of Japan lead to one of the most advanced cities in the world, Tokyo, it doesn't change the fact that so many people died. This whole time period was just a time of learning, learning what should not ever be done again.

  • No, just no

    The US had so many other options than bombing Japan. Twice! Since Japan was really close to surrendering already, if we had just threatened them they would have backed down. Also the bombs killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and that is never okay. Also, part of why we bombed them was to get ahead of the Soviet Union and not let them take over Japan. Another part was that Truman wanted to prove he was a strong, decisive president. The bombs had lasting effects on Japan for decades after the war and no one knew what to do because nobody had seen any bomb like it. If we really needed to bomb them to prove we were strong, we could have bombed a place where nobody would get hurt but they would see it. The fact that we damaged that country so much took a big toll on our character and morality. It was just a horrible thing to do and there were so many ways around it.

  • NOPE Its stupid that people still arguing about this but i'm in this side its was very wrong

    I think it was wrong to kill many people who where not involved with this thing.What where to happen if they bomb the place u where born in and then you go and your city you been born in has been bombed what side would you be on know. I was born and raised in the U.S.A and i still diss agree

  • They shouldn't of bombed japan

    The U. S. Shouldn't of done this. It just cased it to develop into more fighting. The Japanese started it but the U. S. Shouldn't of fought back it made us loose more people and it developed into a conflict that would take a long time to resolve. If the U. S. Didn't fight back it could have been better for our country because we lost so many people. The U. S. Wanted revenge but it's not always right to get revenge on people. If the United States didn't fight back we could have saved many lives. If the Japanese never bombed Pearl Harbor the United States might not have gotten involved in the war. The tension between the two countrys had been growing for some time before Pearl Harbor.

  • No no no

    Really guys on April 20, 2017 59% say yes, and only 41% say no. The bomb was bad enough, but then there was radiation effects, if you have seen photos of the effects and still say yes then you need to checked out. I know Germany was right on our tails but we bomb civilians, no innocent civilians, and we gave them three days, then we bombed them again, they surrendered out of fear that we had another. We should have just bombed military bases and occupiers. I don't know how we fell justified with the bombings, the nukes were much worse then Pearl Harbor. Today I stand with the people who say no, you should too.

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