• Jacob Wetterling's murder was solved

    Jacob Wetterling murder was finally solved. The killer has confessed, in exchange for not being prosecuted. Authorities were on to him by naming him a person of interest in Jlast October. They did a sweep of his home after investigators determined his DNA was linked to another boy’s 1989 sex assault that they suspected was linked to Jacob Wetterling's case.

  • The murder investigation for Jacob Wetterling is over

    We have a confession from the man who gave up Jacob's burial place. No one else should have known where he had been put, which further suggests that the confessor is the murderer. Certainly there will be more certainty once the body has been autopsied, but the murder case of Jacob Wetterling seems to be solved.

  • Yes, the Jacob Wetterling murder is finally solved.

    Yes, after the confession by his murderer, the Jacob Wetterling murder is finally solved. 27 years after the murder, a Minnesota man admitted in court to abducting, assaulting and finally killing the young victim. The man will not be charged with the murder as a part of a plea deal.

  • Yes, the murder was solved.

    Yes, Jacob Wetterling's murder was finally solved, twenty-seven years later. In 1989, Jacob went missing and thanks to a confession earlier this week, the case can now be closed. While his parents held out hope that their son was still alive, they learned the unfortunate reality of his murder when he was just a boy.

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