• Yes, Jerry Greer's death was the result of an accident

    Yes, Jerry Greer's death was the result of a boating accident. It is reported he was killed while water tubing in the waters of the Kentucky Lake and there is no evidence of foul play or an investigation. He collided with a friend and never resurfaced from the waters of the lake.

  • Sad, but an accident

    While Jerry Greer is related to a celebrity, accidents can still happen. Jerry had taken all necessary precautions for water sports, as had the others he was with, and the others on the lake - unfortunately, water sports, and other sports can cause injury or death and sadly, in this case, it has.

  • Yes, Jerry Greer's Death an Accident

    Unfortunately, accidents happen. There is not always someone to blame for bad things. Boating and tubing can be dangerous. In this case, alcohol was not a factor, so it was truly an accident. He was also wearing a flotation device, so that is another factor that could have hurt him.

  • Yes, it appears that Jerry Greer's death was due to an accident.

    Yes, at this time it seems that the tragic death of Jerry Greer was the result of an accident. News reports are preliminary and not all is known yet. A full investigation needs to be conducted. Following such an investigation, details may change, but at this time accidental death seems the most likely cause of death.

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