• YES he was,

    Jesus was a communist because he was all like "I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." he believed that rich people belonged in Hell He also said "sharing is caring bro" and "my dad is a dick " *drops mic*

  • Yes he was

    On the basis of communism and true literal understanding of communism, the support for a leader and a egual and moral base for the populace was on a scheme of being equally progressive to all and held a strong empirical value to tangible things that an equal basis was progressive, which in turn that very empirical sense would ultimately turn to a subjective construct to the people, and the disregards to one persons theme in morality wouldnt be there because it would be a understanding base for a cognitive understand, so without a disposition between people....Yes he was a communist

  • Yes he was

    He our Prophet Isa (PBUH) was a communist but not what we consider modern communism. The values of him are similar to modern socialism in many ways such as redesturnuting the wealth. He also promoted populism he was also revolutionary. He would help the poor he also promoted collectivism he was a true communist indeed may Allah(SWT) bless his soul and may the world recognize his return.

  • Read the Bible and Find out.

    Two stories immediately come to mind that prove Jesus was not a communist. The first is Peter and the Fish. The Romans threaten to throw Peter and Jesus into jail if they don't pay taxes. Jesus tells Peter to go fishing and he'll find enough money to pay taxes for both of them. Peter does and he finds the money just like Jesus says. This certainly isn't socialist equal pay for equal work, or in support of a communist government work force. The second story is the story of the Hooker who was going to be killed, Jesus wrote on the ground and then said "let him who has not sinned cast the first stone" No one cast any stones. If Jesus were communist he would have stoned all the people that were there that day because tolerance is not a communist philosophy..

  • He was a socialist if he existed

    Jesus according to the Bible was not a communist but a socialist. This is evident in his attitude towards the poor, sick and rich. Although this is all based on the biblical story of Jesus, it does not mean that he was a socialist or that he even existed. So from the Bible I would say he was certainly not a communist.

  • No, not as we understand Communism today.

    Jesus was a man for the people and their rights and needs. He could not be labeled in our modern terminology because his thoughts and feelings were above that sort of classification. Communism as it exists today is a modern construct that has gotten corrupted as all other political systems have.

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