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  • Yes, he supported economic freedoms.

    Yes, John Quincy Adams was a good president, because he was a president that supported limited government. Adams did not seek to expand federal powers. He believed in state's rights. Adams was a proponent of limited government, and he is to be commended for his excellent service to our country. He was one of the better presidents.

  • John Quincy Adams Was An Ineffectual President

    I believe John Quincy Adams had the makings of a good president but was a difficult man so became ineffectual. He had good ideas, including building highways to connect the country, conservation of national lands and observatories. Unfortunately, he was ahead of his time and was not popular, even within his own party. He had a reputation as a difficult man and was seen as supporting the wealthy and ignoring the ordinary American. As a result of his temperament, lack of support from his own party and extravagant plans which the new country could not afford, he was ineffectual.

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