Was Leonardo Da Vinci the greatest artist of the Renaissance? If not who was? Explain your opinion.

  • Greatest Artist of All Time

    I feel like he was the greatest artist of all time, just think, his painting "Mona Lisa" is famous and well known around the world. He was one of the first painters to have a blur affect in his paintings, which is why the painting "Mona Lisa" is so well known.

  • One of the Greatest

    Leonardo Da Vinci has to be one of the greatest artist of the Renaissance if not the best. Not only did he have great paintings that are recognized today but he influenced and mastered in many other subjects. Da Vinci studied anatomy going into the human body, when understanding that he could express his paintings more. Many inventions were created by Leonardo such as the first idea of the helicopter and tank. Later creating the Vitruvian man combining many subjects while rebelling against the church because anatomy was frowned upon but it gave us the insight on how artists and the people of the Renaissance were beginning to think. Very influential and distinctive Leonardo perhaps the Renaissance Man is the greatest artist.

  • Leonardo, the best.

    Leonardo Da Vinci was probably the best artist from the Renaissance time period. All of his work was well known and very well done. He was mostly know by his paintings. I would not vote him for, the Greatest Artist Ever, but i definitely would for the Renaissance time period.

  • Greatest Artist of all time

    I think Leonardo Da Vinci was the greatest artist during the Italian Renaissance. He was the only artist that was using depth in his paintings. He is also many other things but his painting are what everyone wants to see these days. One of his paintings are the Last Supper.

  • He was good but the greatest?

    Do I think he was the greatest no! Was he good, I think so with the painting "Female Head" her face showed a lot of passion in his work. He also showed a lot of emotion in many of his paintings so I think he was the greatest in showing the passion and emotion in his work.

  • Was Da Vinci the Greatest?

    I think that Leonardo da Vinci was the best artist of his time. Mainly for the fact that he could perception in his painting. He was the one of the first painters to the blur affect to so distance. He was able to so distance when no one else was able to. He used angles in some of his painting to show off the size or area of a place.

  • Greatest Artist Ever

    I think Leonardo was the greatest because his art work real speaks to people. He was one of the first people to actually use lighting and background effects to put a person's focus on the person in the paintings. He was an inspiration to many other artists too through out the years. One piece of art that he made that I like a lot and so do a lot of other people is the "Mona Lisa". It was and still is the best painting in the world. That why I think he is the greatest.

  • All time greatest?

    Leonardo Da Vinci was a great artist, and is very well known for the painting, "Mona Lisa". Yes that painting is amazing, and gives the audience a lot of wonder and amusement which is what I like personally in a painting. Personally sure I'd say he was one of the greatest but there are other artists with work just as good as Da Vinci's. So It varies. I wouldn't say ALL TIME GREATEST but I would personally say one of the greatest.

  • Was Da Vinci the greatest?

    We have currently been studying the artwork of the Italian and Northern Renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci is considered by many to be one of the most brilliant minds of the era. Many of his works were groundbreaking in terms of their use of perspective, chiaroscuro, and sfumato. Do you consider Leonardo to have been the greatest artist of the time period? If not who was? Explain your opinion.

  • Was Leonardo the greatest artist?

    In my opinion, Leonardo da Vinci was the greatest artist of the Renaissance. There are many reasons that support this. For example, Leonardo​'s famous painting the "Mona Lisa" was visited over 6 million visits which outshines Michelangelo, his major rival. In addition, Michelangelo actually followed in Da Vinci's footsteps as a Renaissance man which makes him a better artist than Michelangelo. Furthermore, the artwork would only be famous if it is sturdy and strong with great texture which Da Vinci has accomplished. Also, da Vinci studied the laws of science and nature, which greatly influenced his work as a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, military engineer and craftsman.These were my reasons that supports why Da Vinci is the greatest artist of the Renaissance.

  • He wasn't the best

    I think Da Vinci was a good artist of the Renaissance but not the best, I think the best was Alrbrecht Durer was the greatest Renaissance artist. I believe this because he made an amazing hare with watercolors, and he made a rhino without ever seeing one in his life.

  • Michelangelo was the greatest

    Leonardo Da Vinci was not the greatest artist, although his artwork is pretty good and known, I think Michelangelo was the greatest because unlike Da Vinci, Michelangelo's artwork included both paintings and sculptures. Da Vinci is most known for his “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper”, and Michelangelo is most known for his sculptures such as “Moses” and “David”. In my opinion sculptures are more challenging and need more work than paintings do.

  • Theres better artist in the renaissance

    I don't believe Leonardo Da Vinci was the best artist out there I thought that Alrbecht Durer was the best artist out there because his art style varied he carved, he drew, and he water colored, Da Vinci covers a couple topics in his art, but Albrecht Durer did animals humans and a self portrait of himself not to mention he drew his rhinoceros without knowing what one looked like just a description of one, Da vinci never did anything close to that and many other artist in the renaissance

  • Da Vinci Post

    I feel as Da Vinci doesn't deserve to have the crown as "The Greatest Artist of the Renaissance". All the artists had great paintings, for the most part, and they should have all gotten reorganization in some way. The art Da Vinci did was amazing but so was so many other artists work.

  • No he is not.

    Leonardo Da Vinci was an amazing artist, but in my opinion he was not the best. There are many other artists who got more into detail. The greatest artist to me would be Pieter Buregel. His work is just amazing he gets so into depth with his art work. Pieter is the greatest artist.

  • Best artist of the Italian Renaissance

    Leonardo Da Vinci was not the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance he had a lot of great paintings, but he was not considered the best. There are a lot of great artists in the Italian Renaissance. In my opinion i would have to say Tintoretto was the greatest painter of the Italian Renaissance. Because he put in so much great detail.

  • The Greater Artist

    I personally think that Michael Angelo deserves that title more then Da Vinci, considering he painted the entire ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I understand that Da Vinci's artwork is still being looked at today, but I still think that Michael Angelo was the greatest Artist of the Italian and Northern Renaissance.

  • Leonardo Is NOT the best. Raphael may be the best artist from the renaissance

    Sharon J. 1) All of Raphael's paintings were extremely detailed. Unlike Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael paid attention to the background and foreground.
    2) Unlike Michelangelo, in addition to painting religious paintings, Raphael could paint things that were not related to religion.
    3) Raphael inspired many other artists from the renaissance and his unique art style majorly contributed to the renaissance and changed the way people viewed art.

  • Best Renaissance Artist.

    Leonardo was not the best artist of the Renaissance even though many people think that. Michelangelo is much better than Leonardo. Not only was Michelangelo a painter but he was also a sculptor, architect, and poet. He did many great things that not even Leonardo has done. Michelangelo sculpted a 17 feet tall statue. If you compare their paintings, " The Last Judgement" has more color and skill then the " Mona Lisa" Yes Leonardo was a scientist and a mathematician but comparing their artwork Michelangelo was better.

  • Best Renaissance Artist.

    Leonardo Da Vinci isn't the greatest artist of the Renaissance. In my opinion Michelangelo had more talent and skill then Leonardo. Michelangelo was a painter, architect, sculptor, and a poet. Michelangelo did so many great things that not even Leonardo can do. An example is the 17 feet tall " David" statue that Michelangelo made. Leonardo was only a painter. If we compared " The Last Judgement" and the " Mona Lisa" , the " Last Judgment" was more colorful and eye caching then the " Mona Lisa".

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