• Yes, she should have upheld her reputation and presentation.

    She is the presidents daughter, she should present herself well to the public. Age is not a factor, she is old enough to understand that she has a reputation, as does her father. She should become more professional to the public eye, and do as she likes in private. Its socially preferred.

  • Malia Obama sens wrong message to young girls by twerking

    Malia Obama had an opportunity to be an example to young women around the world. She could have used her public recognition to demonstrate that young women are more than just sex objects. By twerking at Lollaplooza, she sends the same message that Miley Cyrus did: No matter how accomplished a woman is, her sexuality is what really matters.

  • She was fine

    Twerking isn't a bad thing and the strict division between "professional official vs public silly" is ridiculous in my opinion. Why should people in a position such as hers have to feel obligated to come across as refined, quiet, and more "respectable"? They're going to be your officials regardless, and something like twerking doesn't suddenly change their position or anything. If anything, it connects them to the general public more. Malia did nothing wrong.

  • She was gravely wrong

    No young girl in our society should conduct such a provocative move as a twerk. The movement is too suggestive of sinful activity for a role model to use it. The president’s family is supposed to set an example for all the other little people in our society. Yes, little Obama was wrong for twerking--anywhere.

  • No, she was not.

    Twerking is a socially acceptable dance. Malia Obama was simply behaving like a normal teenager. She has a lot of stress in her life and she deserved a moment of freedom. It is unfortunate that such an innocent moment was captured on film and scrutinized by millions of strangers around the globe.

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