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  • A Great Briton and a Great leader

    Lady Thatcher brought our country back from a state of economic crisis in 1979; she was a great, formidable figure who stuck by her beliefs and her morals and this country is indebted to her for what she did. It is a great shame that her last year in office was marred by the struggle she had with members of her own party.

  • Decisive, honest and honourable

    Margaret Thatcher was a great prime minister. It is a shame she had to spend the latter part of her rule fending off wannabees in the party. She had a huge raft of social ills to deal with, and she had the strength of character to make the hard decisions that everyone else danced around. Unlike the rest of the venial characters in politics, she was not susceptible to corruption.

  • Yes, she was.

    Yes, I believe that Margaret Thatcher was a good Prime Minister for Great Britain. She was a super tough lady who didn't let anyone tell her what to do. She did things her way and definitely lived up to her nickname as the "Iron Lady." She paved a great path for future British Prime Ministers.

  • Margaret thatcher was a good PM.

    Margaret Thatcher lived by the rules she set forth for the people. She didnt spend great amounts and she paid her own bills and bought her own things. She was fair and honest, and reported daily to the Queen, letting her know what was going on. She lowered direct taxes on income and increased indirect taxes. She lead with an iron fist, but a soft heart.

  • Margaret Thatcher...great peacetime Prime Minister

    Margaret Thatcher entered office amid lots of social and economic injustices, and with her conservative nature, she helped not only her own party, but the liberal (Tory) party as well. In wake of her death, there have been many people on both sides, and John Major himself, who have come to support this great world leader; may she rest in peace.

  • No, she was not a good leader

    Firstly, she was sexist to men: she said 'If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman' which shows that she believes that women are better leaders than men. I think gender has nothing to do with it. Also, she put too many people out of a job, leading to the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer. I don't think she is evil and should rot in hell, but I don't believe that her positive effects weigh out the negatives.

  • No, she wasn't.

    She was a brutal draconian conservative in every sense of the word, really. She didn't care for the poor. In fact, she treated the poor as if they were second-class citizens and her enemy. And, during a time when women were fighting for equal pay and equal rights to men, she hated feminism.

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