• Yes, she was.

    All the evidence surrounding her disappearance suggests that she was kidnapped. Although there have been some fake kidnappings in the past, there is no reason to believe that her kidnapping was fake. She likely did not just wander off on her own either, and the ransom note appears to be real.

  • Joyce Was Not Kidnapped

    Marina Joyce desired fame and attention and her claims of an ISIS kidnapping are just one way she has chosen to gain that attention. Her resulting internet fame is exactly the result she was going for. If she had, indeed, been kidnapped by ISIS, she would most likely not lived to tell the tale.

  • Apparently she wasn't.

    The last I checked Marina was at home and her mom said she was well. The video that had fans concerned was filmed in her home so I'm surprised how she could have been kidnapped and then made to film a video in her own garden. It's time social media exercised caution with a sprinkling of common sense.

  • British YouTuber wasn't kidnapped

    Small-time British YouTuber Marina Joyce made headlines when she was allegedly kidnapped. I think that this was just a publicity stunt to help her channel attract more viewers, rather than a legitimate kidnapping attempt that put her in danger. Not only that, she was "returned" safely not long after the headlines.

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