• Martin Luther had a GOOD dream

    Martin Luther King, in my opinion, was in fact a good and decent man. He was completely against slavery and discrimination. Naturally, I understand times were much different during his day, but when I think about it, he had very good points, and a very positive way of going about them.

  • He was a good person

    In my opinion I think martin luther was a good person because he wrote the 95 these which to me clearly states that he was a against the catholic church doing many sins and committing fraud and conning loads of people an tricking them as well....!!!! Thxxx from franky b

  • Matrtin Luther was a great man

    Martin Luther stood up to corruption in the church and introduced the reality that sins could not be cleansed by monetary donations to the priest or church. This was a brave thing for him to do. He may not have been accepting all around of others, namely the Jews, however this is due to his strong convictions about Christ. Martin Luther stood up to church hierarchy and stood for the people, the Christians, who were being taken advantage of by their church, and led to the protestant reformation. Martin Luther was a great man.

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