• Martin Luther was innocent

    Martin Luther was innocent and he had every right to speak his mind about what the Catholic church was doing in secret. Martin Luther was a great protestant reformant who brought out to light what the Catholic church had been practicing and doing to people for centuries. He showed to people what the bible really was about, so he was very innocent.

  • Yes, Martin Luther was innocent of wrongdoings.

    Martin Luther was simply born at the wrong time. If he had the same views on religion now, he would not have had a problem. At the time Martin Luther lived, the Roman Catholic church was extremely powerful. Speaking against their views meant you committed heresy, which was punishable by death. However, Luther's views such as thinking the common man should be able to read the Bible himself, are completely accepted now.

  • Martin IS Innocent INNOCENT YAss

    Martin Luther was very very very very very innocent he confronted the catholic church and what they were doing like yass Martin way to go.He did more right than wrong so boy Martin You're inn0cent for sure.He helped more people gain rights and freedoms, he ended corruption in the CaTHolic Church.He encouraged people to interpret the bible for themselves.Woo hoo please check out my YouTube channel and sub thanks (if ur reading this)lolhttps://www.Youtube.Com/channel/UCxJcRN4nlzMSkKz8iUwB3yg

  • I think the KKK was pretty much inspired by his type of religion

    The KKK (which was all over America) composed of Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians. The British Empire can be atributed to Lutherans (George II who started a lot of the modern conflicts across the globes was a Lutheran). Denmark also launched pretty ruthless conquests of Greenland in the 19th century. No Luther was no innocent saint. Am I racist for finding it weird that MLK would name himself after someone who would have wanted to lynch him if he was around?

  • Well...Innocent? I just don't agree with his decisions

    Innocent? I guess, but he certainly was not innocent of misinterpretation. Sola Scriptura can, ironically, not be found in the Bible. He would have been a great reformer had he stuck with the Catholic Church but instead he cleaved Christianity, married a former nun, created religious entailed warfare in Germany, and ultimately caused the loss of faith of thousands. However he did translate the Bible which I agree with even though I do not agree with the translation nor the misinterpretations that followed.

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