Was Martin Luther King Jr. a better civil rights leader than Malcolm X?

  • The End Never Justifies The Means

    Martin Luther King achieved what Malcolm X wanted to achieve but did it in a peaceful and noon violent way, making him the better civil rights leader. He proved that violence and aggressive behaviour was not the way to deal with something like this. After all did JFK say to Malcolm X "By any means necessary", or did he say to Martin Luther KIng "I have a dream"?

  • I Have A Dream Speech

    The way MLK Jr expressed his I have a dream speech and non violence not only inspired blacks but some whites too. He wasn't mean toward the whites during his speech. It seemed almost like he did it on purpose to make the whites on his side. No more words!

  • Malcom Achieved Nothing

    Question, What did Malcolm achieve ultimately other than promotion of Nation of Islam? He started with "by any means necessary" and ended with peaceful protest in the end anyway.. On top of that he was killed at hand of his own peeps (whether gov were involved or not). I think that about sums up that whole movement.. Where do you draw the line with the violence? When does someone become the enemy and who decides? Underlying behind the methods was their foundational beliefs i.E Christianity "We battle not against flesh a blood..." a spiritual war... And Islam which aims for the world to be controlled by islam "by any means necessary" otherwise known as Jihad which is both spiritual and physical. Christianity aims only to change the heart of man and turn them from darkness to light internally until the coming of Christ who will return in due Season (with the way things that are currently happening in the world it could be soon) they don't want the earth its gonna get destroyed anyway. If you manage to get someone to change their heart on a matter the impact is far greater than violence could ever achieve, because you are potentially changing generations. Violence only breeds resentment, hate, fear, bitterness and leaves people feeling at loss wanting revenge. Forgiveness, Strong Love (not weak imitation love) and leading by example is the way forward. Being prepared to die and live for what you believe in. MLK knew that his life was at risk but he went out there anyway with no armed brothers as back up... Now thats hard core.

  • Violence didn't have to be used.

    Although Malcolm X was a very inspirational leader, I don't think that violence would have needed to be used. While Malcolm X did a great job getting his point across and defending the rights of blacks, Martin Luther King, Jr. Was able to do it without violence and be influential and change the history of the world. There is a point at which violence needs to be used, but I don't think the civil rights movement had reached that point yet.

  • Love trumps hate

    King was successful in reshaping a society that had long been oppressed and made to believe that they were inferior based solely on pigmentation. What King did was teach a people how they can value the sanctity of human life, the unifying trait that connects us all and instilled the belief that no life was superior to the another. He was a Christian man, influenced by Ghandian principle of nonviolence and supported by a doctrine of love. Light chases away darns ALWAYS and Love is the weapon that can counter hate.

  • You only can fight against violence without using violence

    I think MLK was the better civil rights leader than Malcolm X. He touched his audience only because of his words, this is a significant point. His breakthrough based on his non violent actions, he reached all black people with his speech. MLK wanted that all people are equal, it wasn't his aim to fight against other human beings. In my opinion MLK took the right measures to fight for his black community. Just because of the 'I have a dream' speech MLK achieved a lot.

  • You only can fight against violence without using violence

    I think MLK was the better civil rights leader than Malcolm X. He touched his audience only because of his words, this is a significant point. His breakthrough based on his non violent actions, he reached all black people with his speech. MLK wanted that all people are equal, it wasn't his aim to fight against other human beings. In my opinion MLK took the right measures to fight for his black community. Just because of the 'I have a dream' speech MLK achieved a lot.

  • Orderly demonstration is better as violence.

    In my opinion Martin Luther King was a better leader than Malcolm X. Well , both leaders were great speakers and cast a spell over their followers. But they were different in the way they fought for their dreams. Malcolm X considered his violent method as self-defence but in this case it would have not change anything because living emancipated and in harmony is a way better as not being suppressed anymore but living in a intolerant world in which both parties despise each other.

  • Fighting racial segregation at its best.

    By using a non-violent way for achieving his dream of equality for black and white people Martin Luther King Jr. Striked a new path. With his speech, MLK reached thousands of black people, who followed his request not to use violence in their fight against racial segregation. Charisma, courage and sincerity made him one of the most influential persons in the world. That was the begin of a change in all social classes all over the United Staes.

    Today Martin Luther King Jr. Is still the symbol of Afro-American civil rights movement.

    MLK, you are my man!!!

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Fought without violence

    Martin Luther King Jr. Used a non-violent way to fight for the rights of the Afro-American and against the racial segregation. He also believed in what he said and did. That conviction was the reason that he never stopped trying to improve the situation and that's why I think Martin Luther King Jr. Was a better civil rights leader than Malcolm X.

  • Only white people think Martin Luther king Jr. Was a better leader

    Because Martin Luther King used harmony and passive ways to address his message while Malcolm X used violence because he thought it was necessary, it was better for the white people that black people use peaceful protest because that wouldn't have any pressure on them. Instead Malcolm X used violence to get his point across. By the way, the anti-Malcolm X answers will come from people who never heard any of his speeches and who sadly assume he was just some racist guy. He taught blacks that they could stand up tall and be men and women who are intelligent and self-sufficient.

  • Malcolm X was a better leader than Martin Luther King Jr.

    Malcolm X was more articulate in explaining the condition of the Afro American in America, not only to whites but to people all around the world. He stood by his principles (unlike King who cheated on his wife) no matter how unpopular they may seem, and cared deeply for the black race.

  • Malcolm X was the Embodiment of the trials and hardships of the African American Race

    While martin Luther king undoubtedly represented some of the values and beliefs of the African American community(and was undeniably an effective leader), king was merely a "notice board" for his race. He brought many of the injustices that blacks suffered to the public's attention and while he did suffer some of the same racism, by and large, martin Luther king lived a comfortable and well-insulated life: he had a wholesome and supporting family and he attended prestigious schools and obtained a remarkable education--while this was in no way "bad" it clearly sets him apart from the down-trodden and unprivileged masses that he supposedly related to. Malcolm X on the other hand lucidly connects to his race, he underwent all of the difficulties that the everyday black person suffered through, and even spiraled down to the unfortunate life of crime that many young blacks of that era unwittingly found themselves forced into from a sheer lack of reasonable options and opportunities, like thousands of other black families Malcolm also witnessed his family fall apart at the hands of the Klan and society, and yet, he still managed to overcome these apparently insurmountable obstacles and better himself and then attempt to do the same for his race. In short, Malcolm x has endured every possible hardship that the average negro faced in his everyday life, therefore he understands and relates better than most civil rights leaders (and certainly more than King) to the underprivileged black masses and his life and past experiences practically represents the lives of most of his race. On a final note I've noticed that many people here argue the point that Malcolm x preached violence and hatred, this is wrong Malcolm x did not preach violence nor hatred-- he was vehemently against it, however he did believe that if you got hit then you hit back (i.E self defense); Malcolm X was just a proactive leader who believed in the advancement of his race FIRST regardless of whether he had white society's seal of approval and he simply felt that sending members of his race to get beaten and mangled on live television for whites to UNWILLINGLY acknowledge the black man was a waste of time and effort when blacks could simply withdraw from white society, unite and better themselves.

  • While both are good, Malcolm X suffered more

    His family died at the hand of Scandinavian Klansmen, causing him to have hatred for white people. The Anglo-Saxon Black Legions, of Michigan, took his father and murdered him in cold blood. MLK without a doubt suffered persecuted, but he and his family and his friends were more united. Malcolm X through circumstances resorted to crime. The Black Legions who had systematic power in the Dakotas and Michigan caused Malcolm X's hatred. To me that's worse than Hitler.

  • Malcolm X: Unsung hero and a black genius

    I have never seen/heard a single human being like Malcolm X who can single handedly intimidate his bully opponents by his sheer intellect. It is a pity that he gave the label of Islam for his legitimate civil right movement. I think MLK would not have achieved what he achieved if Malcolm X did not play his key role. Both were necessary.

  • They both are inspirational

    Many people think Martin Luther King was the better leader and that peaceful protests are the way to go, but that just isn't realistic in our modern society. If we want to improve and go further forward, we'll need to use some violence like Malcolm X did. I'm not saying we should use violence when it isn't nexus, but we'd need to as defence. In conclusion, I don't think we'd have come as far if either of them hadn't existed.

  • I think that they were equally strong leaders in different ways.

    Dr. King's gift was his flowing oratory combined with his study and practice of non-violence. But Malcolm X was the greater intellect, and I think just as important as was his influence on African-Americans has been his influence on European-Americans, to use terms he would have embraced. The most amazing thing about Malcolm X was that he was constantly evolving, constantly changing. His mind was so alert and his intellect so forceful. He represented the horrific experience of so many African Americans of his generation - the death of his father and uncles by the Klan, the effect all of this had (as well as a difficult marriage) on his mother - the move from rural to urban experience, his involvement in crime, drugs, including prostitution, the horrific experience of being told by his 8th grade teacher that he should consider becoming a carpenter even when his intellect had already begun to shine -- all these experiences and the way he processed them, which was growing even as he died -- leads me to think that he was just as influential a person on whatever progress has been made with respect to civil rights in this country as Dr. King. Listen to any tape of Malcolm X speaking and you can hear his brain at work. The truth is that he changed how white people think about black people and how black people think of themselves with his words more than his calls for violence, if he ever really made them.

  • Most Honest man

    Malcolm is the most honest man and leader in the last 1000 year.His view and vision still viable and diagnose our current problems too.Please listen to his documentary tapes to analyze his personality and you will discover a great great man who sacrifice his life for the true respect of humanity to all.

  • By any means necessary

    Malcolm X was a man of vision who wanted to make a change for his black people. Yes he was violent but only in self defense when Caucasian people were attacking the black folks. Malcolm just wanted his black people to stand up and fight back for our justice and peace by any means necessary. You cannot always turn the other cheek like MLK Jr. I believe Malcolm X was a better leader for black folks.

  • Malcom X Embodied Black Struggles More

    Malcolm X faced every trial and tribulation a black man had to face. His movement might've gotten less further than MLK's, but in my honest opinion, he was a better person for blacks to get behind. If Martin's message was "treat me as you would like to be treated",
    Malcolm's was "treat me as I deserve to be treated." Malcolm X had less of a chance than Martin too; being of Islamic faith, a shady character in his early years, and Martin was born into a Reverend's family.

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