• Take a look at the times

    If Mary had not been a virgin, she would have been shunned. Joseph would never have agreed to marry her, those around her would not have accepted her. She would have been ridiculed, and likely exiled. Also, it was not only her who had a visit from an angel of God. Joseph was also told that she was still a virgin.

  • It

    is clear that she was a virgin, as so declared by the holy and infallible Church. It is to be held as a dogma that she was perpetually a virgin. Additionally, it's bizarre to claim that one cannot have a baby while remaining a virgin. Don't we have artificial-insemination today?

  • No proof to point otherwise

    Any argument otherwise has no evidence to go on, as there is no mention of Mary being anything but a virgin in the only records we have of her. There are countless examples of miracles in the Bible - this one just turned out to be the most amazing of them all.

  • Of course she was a virgin

    Mary knew she was going to remain a virgin throughout her entire life. When the angel told her she was to bear a child she was already married to Joseph. The next question she would have asked the angel would have been "When!?" But because she was to remain a virgin before and after Jesus she asked the angel "How".

  • How could Jesus be God and Man?

    Only by the supernatural wonder of God's seed joined with a human mother. The lineage of "man" carried with it sin. Jesus was without sin, but being "human", He showed that the Father's Spirit can indwell in any our hearts and lead us to new life in harmony with the Father through our faith in Who Jesus is.


    A virgin is someone who has never slept with a man before but Mary did not sleep with any man order to give birth to JESUS but rather, the HOLY SPIRIT her pregnant and till now we do not know any child of MARY except JESUS so MARY still remains a virgin.

  • Of course she was!

    Firstly, like our friend said: "It was a plain miracle and is to be believed in that sense" because if you want to explain Mary's pregnancy through science, then you have to explain all the other miracles such as a sea splitting in half before Moses or a cane transforming to a dragon and etc...
    Secondly, if some of you believe that she was not a virgin then she had affairs with someone (more likely illegal) because it's not recorded anywhere that she married someone except the Bibles that was written by men (which are controversial since the first times, even those who says "No" admit that), therefore Jesus was a illegitimate child of Mary.
    CONCLUSION: Those who are following Christianity believe in the words of someone who is not innocent of sin himself!!!

    If that's the case, then how could he be a prophet of God???

    If that's not the case, then Mary was a virgin and birth of Jesus was a miracle of God.

    Seeing all that, answer is definitely and unequivocally is "YES"

  • Absolutely. Have faith.

    Believing what you have not seen is called faith and that is what God requires of those who chose to follow him. (Hebrews 11:1) To try and rationalize the virgin birth with our human wisdom is futile. It was a plain miracle and is to be believed in that sense.

  • What about the prophecies?

    Although it is likely that Mary could have been pregnant by natural means, the Old Testament, which has now been proven to be written before the birth of Jesus Christ prophesies the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, or Immanuel (as referred to in the Old Testament) would be born of a virgin. How would everything else listed in the Old Testament about Jesus became historical truth, but the birth of Jesus to a virgin not be? Although the bible is not a credible academic source to verify truths about this time, it is the only source we have to make any assumptions about this time. The fact the story was rewritten by a number of people also creates a sense that the story must have some truth to it. The Old Testament also prophesies that Jesus would be crucified (which they did not even use this form of execution at the time the passage of the Old Testament was written) how would they have known this?

  • Yes

    In the Bible, a truthful source, it is stated that yes, Mary was a virgin, but by a miracle, became pregnant and gave birth to our Savior Jesus Christ. Some people cannot "think of a woman who is a virgin being pregnant," but through God, anything is possible. He is Almighty and can do anything--including letting a virgin conceive.

  • Reproductive Science

    We did not have the technology to perform in vitro fertilization in biblical times. Thus proving Mary cannot be the birth or maternal mother of Jesus. Either Jesus was adopted or Mary is not a virgin. For those saying she is a virgin, you cannot use the bible as a credible source seeing as there is no proof of it being non-fiction. On a related note your arguments would not hold up in any serious debate, so why use them here?

  • Is Joseph just completely out of the question?

    Why did it have to be Mary fooling around? Joseph could have had intercourse with Mary and decided to abandon the baby. After seeing that the repercussions were that, Mary were to be stoned, he simply reconsidered. This is far more logical than immaculate conception. As a matter of fact, anything is more logical than immaculate conception.

  • Genealogy

    Paternity of Jesus not listed Once, but twice in scriptures. Jesus Is from the Bloodline of King david. if Mary was a virgin why would the Bible give two paternal Genealogies on the with different grandfathers at that the child christ could not be Linked to Kind David now could it this does more than suggest Mary was not a Virgin and leaves little room to debate it.. a Virgin Birth.. How Silly. Virgin births are a Pagan Idea.

  • Doubtful

    The only way women can get pregnant is through introducing a male zygote (spermatozoa) to the female zygote (egg). At the time of Mary, the only way for this to happen would be through intercourse. If anyone takes religious texts 100% literally, it is heavily suggested that you rethink your beliefs and what you really stand for.

  • It was IMPOSSIBLE!

    She can't have used IVF back then, first of all because it wasn't invented yet, as no one had developed science that much, they all thought it was witchcraft. Also, her husband doesn't seem to surprised to find out that she was pregnant. If he had not had sex with her, he would've thought she would have cheated on him, and would not have been so ok with the whole thing. You can't have a baby without sex, IVF or surrogacy, so she must have sex with Joseph. If you believe all that crap about God being his dad, then the only alternative is that God had sex with her, but he's supposed to be some sort of complete disbeliever of that sort of thing, and he definitely wouldn't have pre-marital sex with Mary, if he's gonna follow his own rules. It's up to you what you believe, but, as an athiest, I can see how it is scientifically impossible for Mary to get pregnant whilst a virgin during those times, even if you take everything the Bible says to be completely true. (Ps- that's impossible, too, the Bible contradicts itself several times).

  • Those who argue yes use zero facts.

    To say that it should be believed is simply ignorant. By stating that she was a virgin and we should believe it ONLY because the bible tells us so it like saying we should believe everything we read simply because we WANT to. It is simply biologically impossible. I would have lied to if I were Mary! Lie...Or be shunned and stoned?....And it is easy to live out a prophecy that has already been determined.

  • It is just ridiculous.....

    It is simply not possible. 2000 years ago it may have been accepted by ignorance, this is, after all how religions are formed.
    Amazing how it has not happened since, and if such a situation did occur again, would this new child suddenly be a child of this God who basically committed adultery and so broke one if his commandments. But again, he can forgive himself.....

  • Mary was probably not a virgin when pregnant with Jesus

    The translation used for "young woman" and/or "virgin" were the same. Since Jesus was a descendant of David, through his father Joseph, according to the gospel of Matthew, Joseph would have been his biological father. The Bible itself does not make the claim that Mary was a virgin at the time of her pregnancy or that she remained a virgin as the Catholic Church teaches. He did have brothers and sisters.

  • Mary was not the first virgin.

    The metaphor of virgin births come from the Greek traditions found in their mythical stories. Isis is one of the prime example of the virgin goddess giving birth to Horis. The virgin birth is symbolic in nature - symbolizing the spiritual transformation of the inner self being born of the heart. So, virgin births come from the greek. And of the 4 gospels of the bible the virgin birth is only found in the gospel of Luke - and Luke was a Greek.

  • You're kidding right?

    Its not possible. What have you being doing in Biology class? They teach you reproduction, its requires sexual contact (in humans). "Virgin" Mary had other children besides Jesus. It cant be possible that she could conceive children without sexual contact. Think logically, not what they indoctrinated you about Christianity. Not possible.

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