• Melania Trump was a legal immigrant

    Melania Trump certainly puts a damper on her husband Donald's desires to cast out illegal immigrants. Melania Trump was a legal immigrant, to be sure, but her status certainly makes it appear that Donald only cares about immigration when it comes to beautiful women who come here with the goal of modelling.

  • Yes, her immigration to the United States was legal.

    Melania Trump's immigration to the United States was legal. Just because her husband, Donald Trump, says offensive things about immigrants, this does not mean that Melania herself broke any laws when moving to America. Melania moved to America several years ago, where she worked as a professional model. Yes, Trump has offended many with his remarks on immigration, however, it is unfair to take it out on Melania by using her immigration against her.

  • Melania Trump's immigration public information and lega

    The accusations against Melania Trump's immigration are all politically motivated and astoundingly hypocritical, as they come from people who want open borders and blanket amnesty for all undocumented individuals who are currently in the United States. Melania Trump's documentation is publicly recorded and proper. Those raising questions are just trying to split legal hairs.

  • It Depends on What She Lied About

    Melania Trump's immigration is legal or illegal depending on what papers were used to get her into the country. If her work visa said she had a college degree, when in reality she didn't, then that would be illegal. It's too late to deport her now, but it seems as if her husband is hypocritical for having an anti-immigration stance when his own wife is an immigrant. The court of public opinion decides Trump's fate on Nov. 8, 2016.

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