• Yes, his promise was overdue.

    Yes, Obama's promise to aid Laos was overdue. As the president of the United States, he has certain obligations to uphold. If a country is desperately in need of a help, the president should always be willing to listen. With the resources at hand, Obama can help Laos recover quickly.

  • Yes, Obama's promise to aid Laos is overdue.

    Yes, I believe that Obama's promise to aid Laos is incredibly overdue. Over 40 years ago, the United States dropped the explosive devices across Laos as a component of the Vietnam War. Since then the citizens of Laos have been plagued by these bombs littering their country. The aid should have been sent years and years ago.

  • Yes, aid to Laos for unexploded bombs was overdue

    Yes, aid to Laos for unexploded bombs was overdue. As a country, the US cannot just pretend these things do not happen and sweep them under the rug. This is the behavior that gives the US a bad name in the international community. How can we not recognize the fact that we are directly responsible for the lives lost by these people?

  • No, Obama's promise to Laos was not overdue.

    In my opinion a promise of $90 million in aid is a mighty generous promise which should be appreciated rather than judged. The fact that our president recognizes what he calls an obligation to help out Laos should be looked upon favorably. Help is help no matter when it arrives.

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