• He should be ashamed

    I don't know what his beautiful girlfriend said to him that led to him killing her but there's no way it was an accident. That poor lady was terrified and hiding in the bathroom for her life. Why would you just shoot into a bathroom in the dark. I did not buy his story at all.

  • Oscar Pistorius is a murderer

    Oscar Pistorius's sprint runner career and all his athletic achievements cannot cover up the fact that he brutally murdered Reeva Steenkamp and has deep rooted anger issues. It is almost unanimously agreed that he murdered his girlfriend in cold blood and was sentenced by the jury, convicted as a murderer.

  • Yes, Oscar Pistorius was guilty of murder

    During a lengthy trial, Oscar Pistorius was found to have fatally shot his girlfriend. He was found guilty of homicide, and claims that he mistook her for an intruder. It was still determined to be murder and only he knows what the true intent of his actions were that night.

  • Yes, Pistotious commited an act of murder.

    Yes, Oscar Pistorius is guilty of murder. Although he claims it to be an accident, and it probably was, he still killed his wife and is guilty of doing just that. As for the punishments as a result of it, further debate is necessary. However, he is still guilty of murder.

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