• Yes, he was.

    Yes, all evidence points to Paul Manafort being on Ukraine's payroll, which doesn't bode well for Trump. Not only does this pose an extreme conflict of interest, but it also creates a potential security breach. Either Trump should distance himself from Manafort, or Trump should step down from his presidency bid.

  • Indication is that Paul Manafort took Ukraine money

    The current campaign manager for Donald Trump has come under fire because Ukraine corruption probe uncovered the fact that there was more than $12 million in payments earmarked for Paul Manafort. Despite presidential candidate Trump standing by him and his persistent denials, all indication is that Paul Manafort was on Ukraine's payroll.

  • No, he was not.

    Paul Manafort may have engaged in some deceptive and shady practices, but he was not on the payroll of the Ukraine. There is no indication that they paid him for the lobbying he did, but he did recieve a number of favors for his efforts, some of which may have been worth more than if he had been paid.

  • No, it is unlikely that Manafort was on Ukraine's payroll.

    No, it is unlikely that Paul Manafort was on Ukraine's payroll. For one thing, it is unclear what the value Manafort would be able to provide to Ukraine is. What, exactly, would Ukraine be paying for? Secondly, the circumstances of the supposed payments are unclear. Until the origins of the information can be properly examined, it is prudent to maintain a sound skepticism.

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