• Yes, Paul Manafort worked for the Ukraine.

    Yes, Paul Manafort did work for the Ukraine. Paul Manafort worked with the Ukraine prime minister, Viktor Yanukovych, when he was trying to become president of Ukraine. He was hired to improve the image of Mr. Yanukovych. Although he worked for Ukraine for a number of years, it was kept out of the media. Ukrainians feared there would be accusations of meddling by the United States.

  • Paul Manafort was working for Ukraine

    Paul Manafort was working for Ukraine. There has been evidence of payments made to him, with a secret ledger revealed.This showed over $12 million went to him. He has long-standing ties to the country, including working as an adviser to Viktor Yankovych, who was running for president, from 2004 through 2010.

  • Yes he was.

    Paul Manafort may not have been on thier payroll, but he was certainly working for me them. He was doing work to encourage lobbyists to push for laws and regulations that would help the Ukranine, even at the expense of the US. It dosas no th
    after why , he did this or how he was compensated, he was still working for them.

  • No, he was working for select officials.

    Paul Manafort was working for select officials who wanted a specific outcome. While what he was doing was for officials in Ukraine government, he was not working for Ukraine, but the people who wanted to control the outcome of specific situations. Paul Manafort was using power and money to sway the American people and government officials that were against the select officials in the Ukraine government.

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