Was Prohibition beneficial for the United States?

  • Alcohol is dangerous (though some use it responsibly) and can lead to many accidents and illnesses.

    I am only 15, so I have not had experiences with alcohol myself so that may invalidate my opinion. However, Alcohol in many cases is a very dangerous substance, you constantly hear stories of drunk drivers, people dying of alcohol poisoning and many other horrific instances. Prohibition puts all this to a halt, unfortunately many people protest the idea and makes any laws against alcohol consumption incredibly difficult to pass and enforce. Many people are able to consume alcohol safely and responsibly, I think that I would be able to do so, but having a substance like this be legal is allowing people who are unable to consume it responsibly to have access to it.

  • You can learn from the past.

    Prohibition was a great thing for the United States. It should in a different light what the country would look like without alcohol. What it also did was cause rift between lots of people, and caused some people to do immoral things. The Country has since learned from what they did with this and probably should use this experience and go over the possibilty of legalizing Marijuana.

  • Showed the people fight

    Yes, I think that it was very beneficial for the United States to go through the prohibition. It taught the government that if they take something away that is important to the American people, then they will fight back so hard that they will give no choice but to overturn the law.

  • Prohibition was detrimental to the United States because of the crime and hypocrisy it generated.

    The prohibition of alcohol as mandated by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution resulted in a tremendous increase in organized crime. Criminals exploited the profit potential of selling black-market booze, and these illegal activities came with increased violence, murder and official corruption. Prohibition also generated blatant hypocrisy; even many of the members of the Congress that passed the 18th Amendment in 1920 patronized bootleggers to maintain their supply of alcohol. The policy did little if anything to discourage alcohol consumption, and the policy was repealed in 1933 by the 21st Amendment.

  • Prohibition Beneficial for the United States

    I personally think that prohibition is not beneficial for the United States because it has affected so many families as well as people. I personally think that prohibition is not beneficial for the United States because the United States has been through a lot especially troops fighting for this country.

  • No It Wasn't

    Prohibition was not beneficial to the United States and the evidence upholding its harmful effects can be easily researched on the Internet. Prohibition creates criminals where there once were none and this has proved dangerous in our past. Prohibition brought on some of the biggest crimes in the United States so there was no way the country benefited from the era.

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