• Yes, Teague is a good player, but they have other options.

    Jeff Teague has been one of the Hawks' best players over the last several years, and a big part of their success over the last two years. However, he isn't really an elite point guard. Dennis Schroeder is about as good, if not better, so they didn't need Teague that badly. They got a lottery pick in the trade as well, so they will have the opportunity to add a potential quality player in the draft if they want to keep the pick.

  • Yes, it may be too pricey for the Hawks.

    The Hawks could grab the opportunity to draft a high-profile prospect by exploring a trade with the Jazz. With a package centered in Teague and their own first round pick, Atlanta could create an enticing deal for the Jazz's No. 12 pick. However, it may be too pricey for the Hawks, which leaves them the Jazz as the most ideal trade partner to climb up the draft.

  • It was time

    It seems that things have been coming to a head between the hawks and Teague for awhile. If it's been brewing it usually means that the player wasn't in synce with leadership and possibly teammates too. Both the Hawks and Pacers will benefit
    From the trade, Hawks get a high-ish pick and Pacers get a guard who's better on the ball.

  • No, releasing Jeff Teague was not a smart move by the Atlanta Hawks

    No, releasing Jeff Teague was not a smart move by the Atlanta Hawks. The Indiana Pacers have acquired him and he may be a great player for their team. A team should try to keep all of its good players so that it can compete against other teams. The Hawks should not have released Teague.

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