• Sir Thomas Bloodworth Let Great Fire of London Spread

    Then Lord Mayor, Sir Thomas Bloodworth had the chance to deal with the Great Fire of London before it spread out of control, but instead he famously quipped that it could be put out by merely urinating upon it, and then went home to bed. The fire, which had started in a bakery, then went on to cause major destruction in London. If Bloodworth had just done his job in the first place, a great deal of calamity could have been avoided.

  • Yes, he was responsible.

    The fire would not have spread so far if he had allowed demolitions to take place that would stop the fire from spreading. Sir Thomas Bloodworth was not an expert in fire, and he should have listened to the experts. If he had listened the tragedy would not have been so great.

  • Dry Weather Not Sir Thomas Bloodworth Responsible

    The Great Fire of London in 1666 was not the work of a person but a collection of events that lead to great destruction over many weeks in London. The baker left live embers which caught firewood for his stove on fire. The construction of the bakers home being pitch and wood fed the beginning fire. The weather having been both hot and dry before and during the ensuing firestorm did nothing to abate the flames that consumed so many structures.

  • No, Sir Thomas Bloodworth Not Responsible

    Sir Thomas Bloodworth was the Lord Mayor of London at the time of the Great Fire, in 1666. People think the fire spreading was his fault because he was indecisive about what actions to take. However, I think the fire is the fault of the proprietors of the bakery at which it began. Thomas Farriner had a bakery on Pudding Lane and the fire started there, therefore it is his fault.

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