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  • Yes, I believe Stalin was a good leader.

    I believe Stalin was a good leader because, he did not act solely as a dictator. Stalin set up a soviet command. Which gave people the confidence to disagree with Stalin without risking their lives. His impact on "World War 2" cannot be understated, he overcame the German attacks, and ultimately defeated them.

  • Stalin's focus on self importance drove his country into poverty and famine.

    Stalin's focus on his own importance and place in history had a very negative impact on Russia during his ruling years. Small farms were consolidated into large state run farms, and much of the country endured famine for almost a decade. The economy plunged, and many workers were forced to work menial jobs for very little money under Stalin's policies. Because he was focused on boosting his own reputation rather than the conditions of the country and it's citizens, he was not a good leader.

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