• An amazing movie

    I don't know what the problem is? It succeeded at what it promised. We had a cast of supervillains, performed by good actors, who came together to fight a greater evil. We got glimpses in their lives that told us enough to understand them without a whole movie for each. There was finally humor but there was stil drama, darkness, tragedy and excitement. What more could one want?

  • The movie fit expectations.

    The critics that reviewed this movie looked too deep into something that wasn't there. For instance they wanted to see more about the joker despite him having mostly nothing to do with the film; either way the movie wasn't about the joker, it was about the "SUICIDE SQUAD". They also didn't feel the backstories were necessary when in fact they gave the audience clarity on why the characters were in the state that they were in, without making standalone movies about each one. The movie was well put together and almost every scene hap a purpose to the plot of the movie.

  • The critics over-exaggerated.

    I believe that this was a great DC film with an amazing cast of characters. The characters were spot on, their costumes look perfect, and the acting was one that I haven't seen in a while. This was a huge step in the right direction since Batman v Superman. I really hope to see more of these characters in the future!

  • From scale 1 to 10.I gave 5

    We see how it does'nt really portrei the real suicide squad,which is the comics.We see how the power or the skills of some member are useless or looked like useless.For example,the boomer.The captain boomerang.We see how only a few,and yet rarely shown which is the part when he actually throw the boomerang.WHERE IS THE BOOMER???
    Most of the seen....There is no most of the scene!!!!!!!
    Rarely we got to see the boomer.And even if it is shown,he use it as in he hold the boomer and use it to fight.Only a few maybe 2 scene that shown'but still,only one of the scene that use it as in throw it to fight while the other scene use it as a camera.But in the comics he is one of the powerfull member. This is one of my argument.The other argument is how they often t portri about deadshot,harley,rick and achantress.We see how most of the seen only show about them.The tittle about the movie isnot about them and the suad,its about the suicide squad.So,ya,this the argument and the reason i am saying no

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