• Yes, her suspension and subsequent contract termination were too harsh.

    Yes, Solo's 6-month suspension and contract termination were too harsh of a penalty for her actions. While I believe she should have been fined or only suspended, the actual punishment was too much. We see male athletes do and say far worse things on a regular basis, but rarely do we see a penalty this severe imparted to them. Also, she was a member of the group suing for fair pay, so it is possible the committee wanted to eliminate her over that, as well.

  • Hope Solo received a harsh punishment due to an overly sensistive society.

    Hope Solo's suspension was entirely uncalled for and is mainly due to a society that is overly sensitive and is offended by everything. If Hope Solo had played the game say 20-30 years ago and made these comments, she would have been praised for speaking her mind and being a competitor. However in this day and age, if you say one word another doesn't like you receive a harsh 6-month suspension simply for the words you speak.

  • No, the six month suspension of Hope Solo was not too harsh.

    No, this penalty was not to harsh for Hope Solo. I feel that this penalty is just as Hope Solo is often in the media for negative words and action directed at others, as well as being the center of a domestic violent controversy. Hope Solo insulting the Swedish women's soccer team not only displayed her in a negative light, but also the United States. Hope Solo must learn that there are consequences for her actions.

  • She should have been suspended before this

    Hope Solo has a pending domestic violence case against her, and has already broken Team USA rules prior to this latest instance. I would have preferred that they remove her from the team altogether, as she does not represent the type of person that should be representing our country at international events.

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