Was the Apollo moon landing fake: Is there any other evidence to back these sides?

  • A television reality show was able to establish that it was possible to reproduce the moon landing video.

    A television reality show set out to answer the question of whether or not the moon landing was fake. The team concluded that, though it was not likely, it was possible to manufacture an exact reproduction of the moon landing at the soundstage. So there is counter evidence that supports the theory of the moon landing being faked.

  • It was legit

    There were too many people connected to the moon landings for it to be faked. There's all sorts of evidence that can be seen with telescopes of evidence of moon landings. Someone would have come forward by this point saying that it didn't happen. After all the money we poured, as a country, in to the space race, I sure hope it was real!

  • The Apollo moon landing was not fake.

    The Apollo moon landing was not fake. Where do these nutcases get these crazy conspiracy
    theories from? Buzz Aldrin is a national
    hero and it should be illegal to try to tarnish his reputation by spewing this
    idiotic foolishness. I am personally
    insulted by people wasting my time with these baseless allegations.

  • No it was not fake

    The Apollo moon landing was not fake. The evidence of this is all the accomplishments the space program made in the years following it. If you consider that fake then you would consider other space expeditions fake and there are enough photographs and other evidence to show we really are going to space.

  • The Apollo moon landing was not fake.

    There is abundant evidence that the Apollo Moon Landings were not fake. Moon rocks were brought back with do not resemble anything of our planet. Also, there were numerous astronauts who went to the moon. If this were a conspiracy, there would have been a paper trail or a leak somewhere.

  • Apollo Moon Landing Real

    Very little evidence exists to support the idea that the Apollo moon landing mission was faked. In fact, most of the supposed evidence is circumstantial at best and completely absurd at worst. The landing mission was completely real and carried out by a dedicated team of NASA employees years ago.

  • No, the Apollo moon landing was not fake.

    The Apollo moon landing was not a farce, and was in fact done. There is little reason for anyone to believe that the government would go through the massive amount of trouble to invest money and capital into NASA in order to simply fake a lunar landing. The Saturn program was developed in order to deliver nuclear warheads to international targets from the USA main land. In order to garner support from the public, they could not just state that they were developing an ICBM. They used the Apollo project as a way to test and develop the technology which would allow the military to deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere they so desired. There is far too much evidence supporting the fact that the Apollo lunar landing was in fact legitimate.

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