• It was a terrorist attack.

    The attacker was a terrorist. Many news sites report that as he was attacking the politician he screamed "put britain first" multiple times before attacking the politician. This shows that the attacker's motives were political. By definition, that makes the attack an act of terrorism and the attacker is now a terrorist

  • The attack on the British politician was an an of domestic terrorism.

    The fevered debate in Britain on wether to withdraw from the European Union has spilled over into an act of domestic terrorism. The attacker shouted the slogan for the pro-Britain side of the debate. The politician who died was a vocal advocate for keeping Britian as part of the European Union.

  • Yes, there is No reasoning behind this It's just unbelievable an innocent young woman doing her duty for her country and her constituencies

    Today, a senseless and horrific act has taken place against a woman who was campaigning for and was committed to her country. Shot down and stabbed for being a strong and devoted member of our community. Whether we agree with each other's views and beliefs is irrelevant. Nothing condones what happened today. My thoughts go to this ladies husband and children. No words can be comforting at this time

  • No, the attack was justified

    I really have no idea what happened but I'm going to just write my 50 words and see how this works out. If I knew what had happened maybe I would respond differently, becauae it is quite possible that it was an act of terror. I really do not know,

  • No the man was mentally ill.

    The definition of terrorist fits the bill in describing this act of violence. However are we comfortable labelling a mentally ill person as a terrorist. Its too early to get the whys and wherefores, too early to say if he was sane enough to be a terrorist or crazy enough to be locked away.

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