• Yes, it is mostly made up.

    Maybe some of the stories are true, for example I can believe that there was a guy named Jesus, and he was a Jew born to Mary and Joseph. Maybe he traveled all around and pretended that he was God for a little while, but I believe that there was a guy named Jesus. He may or may not be the son of God. But I believe that most of the stories in the bible about him are made up, and I believe that most of the Old Testament was made up. Besides, I think most of the Old Testament was meant to be taken metaphorically, not literally. Most of the Bible was made up by SOMEONE.

  • May have some historical accuracy, but is mostly made up

    Once looked at logically it is physically impossible to fit a pair of every animal species onto a boat made of wood. Also, how can a woman have a child without intercourse? It seems to me Mary made up the story so she wouldn't be stoned to death. Many religious people argue that some parts of the bible are a metaphor. I once asked my religion teacher how we know which parts are meant to be taken literally and the other metaphorically. She answered by saying we can't. Therefore, the bible must be taken literally or metaphorically. If taken metaphorically it destroys the whole Catholic faith, because it is the foundation of such. But it is illogical to be taken literally due to the lack of scientific accuracy, therefore the bible must be made up.

  • It Is Complete Fiction

    The stories in the Bible are all made up. The amount of inconsistencies in the Bible are enormous. The only "proof" Christians' have for the Bible being true is that it exists. That is not a real, valid argument. If you actually read the Bible, (Like I have) you will realize how unintelligent it really is. Also, it's full of clichés.

  • What I think

    I am a Christian and I believe in god and heaven. I also believe in reincarnation as happening for some people, despite that not being a traditional Christian belief. I however do believe most of the bible is made up. Many of the parts, such as the anti gay parts, the being sinful to mix clothes of certain types, someone living in the belly of a whale, are simply not realistic or true, and I believe were made up over time, mostly by hateful people who want to create angst towards certain types of people and create unneccessary fear.

  • Yes because there are to many problems with it.

    It said do not murder, but later in the book it says to stone someone who did somethinng that has nothing to with murder. Second we found other planets that orbit other stars. Third the Romans and other peoples whould had records what happened in the bible other than the bible. There is no record that any of this happen.

  • Yes because there are to many problems with it.

    It said do not murder, but later in the book it says to stone someone who did somethinng that has nothing to with murder. Second we found other planets that orbit other stars. Third the Romans and other peoples whould had records what happened in the bible other than the bible. There is no record that any of this happen.

  • Bible is probably made up

    I iam not saying theres no afterlife and a superior being.. A god...But just think about it billions of galaxies with probably at least a million intelligent life forms out there...Are we the lucky ones created in gods image,,,i wouldnt want to be there at jesus tomb,,,if he was carried out it was all made up

  • The whole primis is retarded

    If you believe it you will pull out anything you have read to support your belief and it is stupid. Those who are not smart enough to figure this out can do so freely but the bottom line is you just do not know. I am 100 percent certain it is made up.

  • Its all rubbish

    Its all absolute rubbish it repeatably contradicts itself is it were true it would not contradict itself so much and would make sense it has been scientifically proven that walking on water is impossible its most likely a mad person trying to make sense of the world without any evidence

  • It's not rational.

    We know today everything we know is backed by reason and evidence and any theory to be considered legitimate must hold up a burden of proof.

    There are many things wrong with the bible. It's contradictory, was not written or backed by some divine creator either. Here are some fundamental flaws with the bible itself:

    1st. The bible was written 50 years or more after the supposed resurrection.

    2nd, the supposed eye witness accounts aren't held up to skepticism, they are second-hand, and only the 12 gospels, whoever they were, were Christian to begin with. This comes from a time where a certain individual, named Ceasar, was able to provide witness testimonies and proof for every single thing he had done and witness statements even came from his enemies.

    3rd, they list animals incorrectly, ie: bats in the same category as birds. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the bible was never divinely inspired. Being made in a time when/before we had such knowledge is not an argument if said book was from Jesus or God himself.

    4th, the laws or 10 commandments aren't followed by God, or Jesus. In general, God in the bible has terrible moral standards and should never be allowed to judge anyone after death. It's like saying I'm going to be judged by Kim Jong Ill or George Bush when I die.

    5th, these stories came from a time where people wrote about monsters spawning from trees, flying cats, and doctors were not allowed to treat patients, but the town wizard instead.

    6th, evidence suggests from the bible that no one ever believed in a physical resurrection of Jesus, but more spiritual.

    Arguing that it's made in a time of less understanding or that it has been mistranslated in any shape or form when God massacred thousands, if not millions of people, or directing Moses to kill people right after the 10 commandments were given to him is ridiculous if you want us to believe for a second that it is divinely inspired and God is in the Bible and he expects us to follow it. You would expect the knowledge contained in the bible to be perfect and that it would contain irrefutable proof, because God is all powerful and can fix it with a snap of his fingers. Saying that it's free will is also nonsense because he has shown himself and gone against free will many times in the bible, but has not done so in a thousand years.

    So, I say unto the theologians: You don't have any rationality, so don't pretend to have any.

  • It is far too complex to have been the work of imagination

    Today's bible is actually a collection of 66 texts written by 40 (approximation) different authors over a period of 1600 years. When read as a whole it tells the story of mankind's creation, fall and redemption. To be able to fabricate anything like this is just beyond comprehension and also leads to the question of why?
    Would someone in 500 bc dreaming of world domination create a "religion" just so that centuries later somebody else could bask in its glory?
    We have to ask what would be the motivation for such a thing?

  • Evidence shows bible is true

    There are a few things that separates the bible from other books. Firstly, it is nearly completely preserved through all the ages it has been through, a remarkable achievement that allows us to see exactly what the writers wrote and not some translators obnoxious interpolation of the texts.

    The bible boasts an accuracy none other book can. The first book in the bible ever written, Job, was written in the age of the patriarchs 1700-1900BC, where scientific knowledge was non-existence. Job in this age is the first human to record that the Earth is suspended on nothing. (Job 26:7) Later, Isaiah when Praising God says: "...He who sits above the circle of the earth..." Which was the Hebrew way of indicating that something was spherical in nature. Such facts were not known to people that long ago and there was no such scientific means to confirm the truth of those statements for thousands of years yet. To illustrate the sheer magnitude of what this means, entire civilizations at this point believed differently to these singular people and yet each of these individuals somehow were not affected by the views of their countries, traditions, cultures and religions when by all rights they should have. The ancient Chinese for example, though advanced in their understanding of the world, believed the earth to be square. The Egyptians, the most technologically advanced at the time, thought Earth was a rectangle. Yet the bible states Earths true shape 2230 years before it was confirmed. The fact that the earth was suspended on nothing was proven about 3150 years later, by Nicholas Copernicus in the 16th Century.

    Another reason to believe the bible based upon scientific knowledge presented in the bible before its discovery was the fact that there exist currents in the ocean. In fact, Matthew Fontaine Maury who is famous for his discovery of the sea currents records that he went in search of the currents only because they were mentioned in the bible. 'If God said that there are paths in the seas, I am going to find them.' The passage he was referring to was an exert from Psalms 8:8: "The birds of the air,
    And the fish of the sea
    That pass through the paths of the seas." This discovery was made about 2650 years after the writer of Psalms had written it. So how do we explain such amazing accuracy? Divine revelation is really the only logical answer.

    That's not all. Evidence of the bible's accuracy is confirmed by archaeology. On a side note, the bible has never been found to be incorrect in any scientific, archaeological, sociological, geological, or any other long word aspect. The bible is only ever confirmed as accurate. Nelson Gluek, a prestigious Jewish Archaeologist, writes: 'It may be stated categorically that no archaeological discovery has ever controverted a biblical reference.' Millar Burrows of Yale university, says, 'Archaeology has in many cases refuted the views and beliefs of the modern critics.' For example The Hittite nation.

  • NO NO NO

    I believe everything that happened in the Bible. There is no way that someone just created it because they wanted to. Take it this way, How the Earth was created. Scientist say that a big bang created it, The Bible says that God made it. If you don't believe this then fine, it is your belief. But I honestly believe that there is no way that a big bang formed Earth. That every little detail was made the way it is. Like us humans. This "big bang" just magical created a human being, NNNNOOOOO!!!! It took someone with mighty power to create human. Just look at how detailed we are. Sorry for basically preaching at you, but I don't know how else to get it through your head that the Bible is REAL!

  • God shows Himself in everything.

    I believe that God truly created the universe. As a Presbyterian Christian, I believe that God proves Himself in everything. There is absolutely no way to explain the universe other than God. I don't want to put others down, but many people who answered "yes" have probably never read the Bible. Before presenting an argument against Christianity or any other religion, one should know enough about that religion to present an argument against it. Humans naturally are sinful in nature, and without Jesus Christ to save us, we would be destined for spiritual death. Through providing His son for us, God gave us everything and makes us beautiful.

  • Just think please!

    If you think about it logically, why would someone make up the Bible? Money? Fame? Easy life? Popularity? If you look at the writers of the Bible, they were poor, persecuted, EXecuted, and hated by the public.

    Let's just think about it. What do you gain from denying God? If he does exist, you are doomed to eternal ETERNAL punishment. If he doesn't, we're all "in the same boat". Do you seriously not get the connection? If God does exist, your disbelief will not disprove him.

    Think about it. I'll see you on judgement day.

  • Bible is Real

    While it may be arguable that some of the stories in the bible are not plausible, it is not arguable that any of the people in the bible existed. It is standard knowledge at this point that Jesus was a real person. A common topic of churches is to talk about the validity of some stories and whether or not they can be interpreted as real or more of a parable to get the point across. Atheists are largely responsible for answering yes to this in my opinion.

  • No, Nope, No

    There is far too much historical evidence to say that everything in the Bible is made up. Even non religious historians have come to admit that the bible has at least some historical evidence to back up its validity. But don't take my word for it and research it yourself.

  • No logical reason to make up the gospel of Christ

    As it is very difficult in our modern times of materialism to believe that the Bible could be real, on the flip side, there is no logical or good reason for someone to make up the story of Christ. He taught his people to love one another, to love their neighbors (broadly defined as everyone, even the unloveable person near death on your way to the holy templ), to repay evil with good, etc. He said his kingdom was not of this earth. So what can anyone gain from such teachings for their own gain to bother making that up? Nothing. Now modern "Christians" claim to follow Christ, but often they use it for personal or material gain, or follow leaders doing that as well. But their teaching don't follow what Christ taught, and it is very easy to see that by looking where they treasures lie (on Earth, not in heaven) and how they treat their fellow man/neighbor (yes, even that Syria refugee, yes, even that Muslim they disagree with). There is no personal gain in Christ's teachings, no personal glory, no material gain (sorry Joel Olstein, you false prophet). What there is--a search for truth, God's truth, and a peace that God is with you, through it all. And a certain path, that Christ takes you down to learn to be like him, to love like him, and to not fear standing up when others say sit down.

  • Fulfilled prophecy proves it's inspired

    The many prophecies about the cominig of the Messiah written up to 1500 years or more before Jesus (e.G. That he would be born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem, from the trible of Judah, taht he would enter Jerusalem on a donkey as Israel's King, that he would suffer for the sins of others, that he would not stay dead, that his church would cover the globe etc) and how these were all fulfilled In Jesus are evidence of divine inspiration.

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