• Hey! You got to break some eggs to get an omelet!

    Yes, the Columbian Change was beneficial. It allowed for global culture to occur, it actually helped produced more life than lost (hello the potato), the foods people didn't have in certain places, they could get it from elsewhere, and finally it gave individuals more options to live or migrate elsewhere.

  • Crops Crossed Continents, Allowed Humans to Flourish

    The Columbian Exchange allowed crops and livestock from the Old World and New World to migrate to new continents. Potatoes and corn went from South America to Ireland and China. Horses, cattle and pigs went from Europe to North America. Everyone benefited as crops adapted to new environments. More food and more livestock gave people more to eat and fostered survival for populations that otherwise may have perished without the Columbian Exchange.

  • No, there were many exchanged diseases.

    No, the Columbian exchange was not beneficial, because it brought many diseases to the new world that ended up killing a lot of people. The improvement in the quality of life because of the new goods was not that substantial. It was unfortunate that so many people had to suffer because of the diseases brought by traders.

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