Was the DNC corrupt in terms of rewarding big donors with federal appointments?

  • Yes, the DNC was corrupt by rewarding big donors with federal appointments.

    The Democratic National Committee was corrupt by rewarding major donors with federal appointments. Federal appointments are supposed to be made based on qualifications and merit, not political influence. The DNC essentially sold these appointments to the highest bidder - major party donors that helped bankroll the Democratic Party. This type of activity is considered corrupt by many.

  • All politics is

    If the DNC gave big donors federal appointments, that certainly corrupt. I doubt the GOP is any less corrupt, look at Christie and some of the others who fell in line behind the Donald after bashing him and his bigotry. Both parties are corrupt, and so is party politics. It's how the game works, and it's pretty repulsive but it's not limited to Democrats.

  • Yes, the DNC has gotten too large and powerful and, at times, is behaving corruptly.

    Yes, the DNC is doing some corrupt things, like rewarding big donors with federal appointments. This is wrong -- it's a bribe and it has no place in a political system where regular voters should be calling the shots. While I prefer the DNC over the RNC, I disagree with corrupt practices.

  • The DNC is oneof the most corrupt political organizations in history and certainly improperly rewarded big donors with federal appointments.

    The email chain from Jordan Kaplan indicating "last call for boards and commissions" and soliciting the names of wealthy donors with a disclaimer that they (the DNC) may not get to ll of the names submitted is proof Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have no intention of delivering government back to the people and plan on business as usual. Hillary and the DNC are known to cater to their biog money donors - remember the Lincoln Bedroom scandal when the Clintons first took office? Republicans are certainly guilty of such favoritism too, but for this practice to extend to the DNC level makes them the biggest hypocrites in U.S. politics.

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