• The firing of Perry Noble from his position as pastor was justified.

    New Spring Church was justified in their decision to fire Perry Noble from his position as a pastor in the church. Even after being confronted by the concerns of the church by the executive pastors and being given opportunities to address the concerns and seek help for his alcohol use, Noble failed to do so.

  • Yes, because he did not properly represent his followers.

    Yes, the firing of Perry Noble was justified because his actions did not represent those which the NewSpring Church stands for. NewSpring Church gave Perry Noble the opportunity to correct his actions and pursue treatment for alcohol abuse, but he was unwilling. Perry Noble has stated that since his firing, he plans to seek help so that he can take steps towards a healthier future.

  • No, the firing of Perry Noble was not justified

    No, the firing of Perry Noble was not justified as alcoholism is a disease and he needs help, not prejudice and lack of support. Just because he has issues with alcohol, this does not make him any less of a man, preacher or Christian adviser. This has probably contributed to him feeling worse about himself and less confident, which means he may take to drink even more. If he had the support of his peers, colleagues, "flock" around him he may cope better.

  • Help Up Not Out

    A sad statement of church affairs that lead to the firing of Perry Noble serves as an indictment of the lack of brotherly love. By firing and not giving administrative leave which would enable Noble to get the help needed both within and outside the church, the leadership demonstrated a no tolerance in a group that should endeavor to be tolerant and supportive of aiding the fallen, regardless of the position held in the church.

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