• Where did all the Jews Go?

    Over 6 million Jews did not just disappear during the war and never return. Holocaust deniers are stupid people that are either neo-nazi's or just conspiracy theorists living under a tin foil hat. Of cause the holocaust is real, it happened, open your eyes people! This question must be a joke.

  • Is this a real question?

    Seriously, with the Nuremberg Trials, the gas chambers, the concentration camps, the survivor stories, how can anyone legitimately think the holocaust was fake? The communiques from the Nazi leadership, the evidence is overwhelming. I defy anyone to provide a convincing argument for why the holocaust was made up. Keep in mind in order to provide such an argument, you must convince me that thousands of people who spoke different languages and never met would be able to coordinate such a story, and that the communications between the Nazi leadership regarding the Final Solution were falsified by both the Soviets and the Americans who recovered them. Good luck to whoever tries to argue such a position.

  • Although I think there is NO such thing as Holocaust denial

    Let's face it, people who really hate the Jews are gonna acknowledge that it was a real and horrific event. The only difference is that those who are humane see it for the bad that it was. Those who are not will say, "The Holocaust was good. The Jews deserved it." People who deny the Holocaust are not evil. They're just clueless. Holocaust denial is not evil, because no one is wishing evil on the Jews. How stupid, as George Carlin said, can people possibly be?

  • How can you think it isn't?

    The Holocaust is one of, if not THE most documented atrocities in the history of mankind. Nazis themselves admit to all of the crimes they committed. Germany as a whole admits to everything. The Nazis kept records of their prisoners (both Jewish and non-Jewish). There are countless photographs, eye witness accounts, testimonies, etc. There are mountains of physical evidence in the sites of camps. Entire Jewish communities were destroyed. To deny the Holocaust is the mark of stupidity and ignorance and there's a reason it is considered a criminal offense in Germany. It is the most real, barbaric, heinous act of methodical mass murder ever committed by man against his fellow man.

  • Of course it was real

    Have any of you met Holocaust survivors? Or former Nazis? If you had, you couldn't miss the expressions on their faces as they relive those days. Did 6 million Jews just decide to take a vacation to the moon and never come back? How dare you dismiss their suffering as a lie! How can you justify the cost of human lives because it helped Germany's economy. The number of deaths only grows because like the American Civil War, they find more evidence that shows more people than they thought died. Historians are very careful, especially when writing college textbooks to make sure that they print the truth, because otherwise they'd lose their jobs.

  • Of course it was real you soggy toilet paper rolls.

    I can't believe what I'm reading. The fact that people think this horrible tragedy, this smear on human decency is fake? It disgusts me. There is so much evidence. Anybody who denies it is either looking for attention, hasn't learned anything about the Holocaust, or is just not right in the head. Nothing this horrible and big could be staged and arranged.

  • Wow, Just Wow.

    I see on this site that 40% of people think that the holocaust isn't real and was just something that THE WHOLE WORLD Just decided "Hey, Lets pretend to make a mass murder, use TONS Of supplies and make a War over nothing, Huh?" I don't think that happened. In some places saying the holocaust wasn't real is against the law, I hope all of you guys saying no, live in those places, get tracked down, and get arrested.

  • The holocaust was real

    IF you say no you clearly are a Donald Trump what happened to all the people who died in it you cant say that all jews went but neither can you say that some jew went so it is not real if you talked to people who were actually in the camps they would tell you that it was huge

  • Holocaust was real

    I believe that the holocaust was real because Adolf Hitler rounded up jews and put them into concentration camps and he tortured them so we can't say that all this happened and many loved ones were lost so many people arevery sad about that so it definitely happened to many people and we can't say that that never happened.

  • The holocaust was real

    How do you explain all of the 6 million Jews dying and you say that it didn't happen. There is a very good amount of proof that states that the holocaust did occur. If you read social studies textbooks it specifically states that it did happen and there is a lot of proof that states that the holocaust did happen and you say that it never happened.

  • A jewish hoax

    Well if we take a look at what the jews got out of the holocauser we clearly see that the jews clearly on another layer of lies every year too keep the money flowing and this my ladies and gents is the holohoax theory. Let's not forget that the number 6 million was used by jews as early as the 1920's

  • There is no hard proof.

    The six million figure is a total sham. First of all, where did that number come from? Was it ever actually verified? If there was a holocaust, I doubt it was anywhere near Six million people. Stalin killed more of his own citizens than that. Auschwitz wasn't even a real gas chamber. Look it up.

  • Of course not

    Real events do not suppress investigation. Why is it illegal to deny the holocaust in so many European countries? Why does Germany and Poland make it illegal to investigate the holocaust happenings? Real events do not fear the truth. The JFK assassination is the most researched murder in human history, and we know Lee Harvey Oswald did it; but if the holocaust occurred, why not allow it to be investigated?

  • It was real in my mind

    Almanac figures debunk the 6 quintillion, US observed death camps were found to be concentration camps where no murder took place. The only evidence FOR the holocaust was obtained via torture at Nuremberg. And of course one has to notice how the numbers get bumped up every few years despite absolutely zero evidence. Remember to pay your reparations!

  • Details and the truth

    Something obviously occurred during WWII however to say that so many Jews were exterminated seems like a stretch to the truth. Hitler's Economic acts saved the German Economy however none of this is taught in school with an emphasis being placed on the Holocaust of the Jews. If the holocaust did occur why would a man who had the potential to change the economic situation of a country so quickly choose to single out the Jews. Why is it that Anti Semites still exist today? The holocaust obviously occurred but what are the true details behind the incident?

  • Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told

    Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told goes into a lot more detail than i can go into. It's been so long that i don't remember a lot of the arguments, but there was plenty. Some people who lived in the camps have come forward and even admitted the camps had sports, theater, pools and the officers were nice. Which one of the testimonials are fake? I find it ridiculous that people have been imprisoned for denying it as well as their attorneys.

  • The Greatest Story Never Told

    Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told goes into a lot more detail than i can go into. It's been so long that i don't remember a lot of the arguments, but there was plenty. Some people who lived in the camps have come forward and even admitted the camps had sports, theater, pools and the officers were nice. Which one of the testimonials are fake? I find it ridiculous that people have been imprisoned for denying it as well as their attorneys.

  • Of course not what are you cancer

    It is not real because it is just being tought in schools so Obama could build his lizard army from the future, but apart from that he plans to do a holocaust and the old one never happened, he is foreshadowing what the future will look like, thank you very much

  • Israel must survive regardless of cost

    The Balfour Declaration of WW1 granted Ashkenazi Jews the land of Palestine. The British had no right whatsoever to give the land to the Jews and create this agreement with the Rothschild Banking Cabal.

    In order for Israel to exist some event, so heinous had to be brought into society and to shock the public. A lie so huge had to be created in order to stop people ever questioning it. And this lie would be constantly drilled into the public psyche, through history in schools, Hollywood and the rest of the msm. An industry has been created to fund the existence of Israel.

    "The Jews deserve their own homeland after what happened to them during the holocaust" and other narratives were moulded into the thoughts of the public all over the world.

    They then created the term 'holocaust denial' and imprisoned people in various countries for daring to revise history. This is synonymous with Gallileo's persecution by the church, for his heliocentrism theory. The fact that someone can be imprisoned for stating contrary to what is written in history is the greatest affront to liberty.

    We are told many lies.
    They tell us Hitler was a white supremacist, yet Jesse Owens and hundreds of Africans (Negroes and Arabs) in his Arican corps will most certainly beg to differ. We are told that he hated Jews and wanted to exterminate them, yet nearly 150,000 Jews fought in his armies, not forgetting field marshals and generals.
    And we are told the ludicrous falsehood that 6 million Jews perished in gas chambers, a figure (and the word holocaust) that had already been mentioned some 20 times before WW2 even started and occuring another 120 times before the Nuremberg (Kangaroo court) trials.

    As the heading states, it is all to protect the state of Israel and the cost is the demonization of Hitler, national socialism, Germany, the imprisonment of historians and of course the genocide of the Palestinian people. Destroy the holocaust lie and you destroy Israel. It's that simple.

  • Powerfull Revisionist Link

    As a revisionist, I believe that this website link will get the common revisionist opinions across.
    I, personally, do not deny the holocaust. I only believe it has been exaggerated, and that we should not only focus on the Jews in the early 1940s genocide, but Genocides everywhere. It is an insult to other cultures that we talk only about Jew discrimination, why do we talk so much about them?

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