Was the Japanese-American internment justified?

Asked by: Gaerteuth
  • If Mexico had attacked us we'd have put all the Mexicans in camps too.

    But these days sending millions of criminal over a porous border doesn't mean anything. Laws? We don't need no stinking laws. In the case of the Japanese, those were actually citizens, and undoubtedly a lot of innocent people were rounded up, but that's the sacrifice you make when you're living in America during a war against (a country that attacked US) Undoubtedly at least a few Japanese spies were rounded up in the process, and a few men can do a lot of damage to America, as we learned on 9-11.

  • I think it is justified

    I think the United States was protecting the country (people ) . I think that its was difficult ,but The United States was protecting itself from another attack . And I think that Japan did not think of its people who live here in the United States, so I think the action is justified, because it is better for a few years of suffering that the United States or the people who live here do not have freedom. I know God does not like it but it's the way we live

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  • They can because

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  • It was not so bad

    The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor which caused damage to three cruisers, three destroyers, an anti-aircraft training ship, and one minelayer (all U.S. property). 188 U.S. aircraft were destroyed; 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 others were wounded. If it were me, I would search all Japanese on the West Coast and bring them in for questioning, which is exactly what the United States did. The internment was not bad at all! Sure they had some family members die, but that is a small price to pay for the safety of the rest of the country. While in those internment camps they had housing, food, payed labor, free groups and classes, and more! Even though they didn't get gourmet meals or the best housing systems, they lived free off of the government. At around the same time there were concentration camps killing millions of jewish people as well as other religions! This is nothing in comparison.

    Also while in the camps, the Japanese had an option to choose their allegiance. Some didn't want to be loyal to the United States, while others did and proved it by serving in the military. Even once everyone was free they STILL got 20,000 PER FAMILY as compensation.

    So the Japanese had an advantage, they lived off of the government, had jobs with pay, free meals (even finding ways to get multiple portions), free housing, free recreational groups, freedom to go to other camps or even hike in the nearby places, and even got $20,000 for doing all of that!!!

    The Japanese internment WAS justified, and was necessary for keeping other saboteurs out of the way to keep America safe from more damage.

  • Aren't we still speaking English?

    The internment of the Japanese was very justified because of the simple fact that if we had left them running around in America you would never know what would happen. Its not like we tortured them like they did us in Japan... Would you rather write an apology letter to a Japanese family for moving to a safe facility to closely watched, or write a letter to a mother telling her that her little boy had been killed by a Japanese spy?

  • It clearly violates the Constitutional mandate of due process, as mentioned in the 5th amendment.

    To say that they Government has the right to detain you in a camp simply on the basis of your ethnicity, when you have not violated the rights of others, is taking our life and liberty away from us.

    This applied to all Japanese-Americans, even if they were born in the United States. That means the Government could detain American citizens on the basis of where their parents were born. That is inexcusable to the citizens of a Constitutional Republic.

  • Having your grandparents born in the incorrect country is not grounds for internment without due process.

    Even in a time of war, it's incredibly, incredibly racist to claim to have the grounds to intern people becomes they look Japanese.

    If you believe you have rights of ANY kind, you are deceived. If a nation can simply declare war and then have consummate power over it's people, then its apparent why the United States gets into wars so often.

  • What happened to America?

    I think with so much going on with the war, the government didn't have time to think about it clearly, they just assumed that since it was Japan that bombed the Peral Harbor than it's all of the Japanese's fault. It was just an excuse to point a finger at someone and blame them for everything.

  • Wake up, America!

    This is a country of love and prosperity. We have no right to violate their human rights like dude seriously. Who thought it was a good idea in the first place. We have no right to play God. Japanese have their rights just as much as every fair citizen of the United States!!!

  • Morally and Legally wrong

    Mass roundups violate due process. They also place us morally in the same camp with the Third Reich, England during the Boer War, and Serbia in its war of extermination on Croatia. I really do not wish my country to be regarded as one with no regard for Human Rights.

  • Didn't need to happen

    Over 127,000 people get reprimanded for something they had nothing to do with. Why was it at all necessary? There were easier ways of dealing with the Japanese. But why screw with the american citizens from Japanese ancestry? When they came to america for freedom and a better life, not to have to live in a little shack with other families.

  • Definitely not acceptable

    The Fourteenth Amendment clearly states that all American citizens are guarantied due process in the court of law along with the rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. By subjugating them and sending them off into the desert into consentration camps took away their liberty, and in some cases, their lives. Families were separated, and any suspicious person was shot on sight. Along with that, no real proof or evidence has surfaced proving that spies, saboteurs, or informants were actually caught by Executive order 9066. In short, these actions by the United States government were completely amoral. And to any and all who disagree, it sickens me that you could live such a lie.

  • They weren't justified

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  • The japanese internment camps weren't necessary .

    Why? The japanese didn't do anything wrong, the government were being stupid thinking that the japanese were spying on us because if the bombing happened on the 7th wouldn't japanese that lived in the u.S have attacked us on that day? To some people its vey unlogical (sorry if i misspell a word) why would the japanese spy on us after the attack? Also the president broke the 5th admendment when fred korematsu had the trial of staying beind with his italian girlfriend. He won the trial in supreme court with a 6 to 3 vote. Well this happened during war. Meaning that the rest of the japanese should of got a chance to get a trial but didn't . So why did korematsu get a trial? And cruel and unusal punishment, the japanese were searched and tagged, wa that necessary? I doubt it. They also had to live in horse stalls. They're not animals people they human beings, they should have the same rights as us. After they the japanese got out of the of the camps none of them were charged with any crime. Americans burned their crops and tagged their houses but they did nothing wrong. Hat happend to america? Breaking admendments, rights, and last but not least hearts. If you would like to comment feel free :D

  • WWI effecting Japanese and America.

    I don't think this was ok bringing up the fact that a lot of the Japanese fought for America in WW1. They went to war with the hope that America would win and become a free country. They went to war not for the Japanese.....But for America. When the Americans decided to put Japanese in internment camps and took them away from family and friends when they were fighting for America. I just don't think that that should have been ok. I'm glad the government gave them apologies and 20,000$ i mean that was nice and all but i don't think that cut it. Lots of people died before they had a chance to get that apology and a lot of people lost family members and friend and 20,000$ just isn't worth any body's life.

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Go here and then decide who was right and who was wrong:


It's not as easy as a simple Yes or No.