• I believe the plane crash in Dubai is one of the deadliest ever.

    I believe the plane crash in Dubai was one of if not the most deadliest plane crashes in history. If deadliest is determined by the number of fatalities then it is most certainly one of the worst. While the science behind statistics of plane crashes can be insensitive to the tragic loss of life, it is important to research these findings in hopes that future incidents can be prevented.

  • No, this plane crash was not the deadliest ever.

    The Dubai plane crash was not the deadliest ever, because fortunately, all of the passengers on board escaped. Unfortunately, one firefighter did lose his life, but everyone else on board escaped the burning plane. Many plane crash victims are not so lucky. Often times, passengers end up trapped on planes after they have crashed; unable to escape the fire.

  • I do not know

    I do not have access to all the records of deadly plane crashes in history, so I really cannot say with any certainty if it is or it is not. I would think only aviation historical experts would be able to determine this and say with the utmost of confidence that it is.

  • This was not even close to being the deadliest plane crash ever.

    No the plane crash in Dubai was not the deadliest ever, in fact nobody onboard died, there was one casualty, a firefighter, people on the flight all lived to tell the tale. In the past few years multiple plane crashes have occurred killing hundreds of innocent people, they were far more serious than the recent incident in Dubai. Plane crashes are inevitable, it is impossible to avoid accidents and malfunctions caused by nature and freak events, this crash was a lucky escape for lots of people.

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