• One of the most evil, after England and Denmark

    This has nothing to do with Germany that came after in 1871. The Prussians were evil without a doubt. They subdued the Poles and French without mercy. It was a very brutal empire. I can imagine them hating the Austrians as well. Very, very, very evil empire. Denmark was obviously extremely evil. Georgian England (George I and II, who were Lutherans) was also an evil era.

  • Yes they were burtal

    Yes the Prussian empire was brutal, but you have to remember that most of the empires that succeeeded during this time were brutal. It was the way of life back then. If you were not tough and brutal then someone who was tough and brutal was going to conquer you.

  • No, their growth was because of good practices.

    No, the Prussian Empire was not brutal, because it grew rapidly, in terms of the economy and the wealth of its people. Life was pretty good in the Prussian Empire, because they were strong militarily. King Wilhelm I might have gone beyond his authority a little bit in an attempt to increase the empire, but on the whole they were a fair government that paved the way for modern Europe.

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