Was the "Seinfeld" theme in season 1 MIDI?

Asked by: Adam2
  • MIDI Files Abound

    The theme song for Season 1 of "Seinfeld" was made into many MIDI files for people to listen to and download. People made their own interpretation of the track and posted the files to various websites, even if doing so violated copyright laws. MIDI files are still available today for those who wish to listen to the popular theme song.

  • Yes, I feel as though the "Seinfeld" theme in Season 1 was MIDI

    I have heard this theme many times, for instance season 1's theme definitely sounds like it is closer to a MIDI, moreso than the other seasons which sound a bit more distanced, second you can actually find many of the specific notes, and tones that are in the "Seinfeld" season 1 theme, in any regular MIDI synthesizer.

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