• The South was right

    The war did not start because of slavery, it was a war for states rights. The north did not fight to free slaves they fought for total control of the government. The north trampled all over the south, by taxing their goods, restricting their congressional powers, and forcing the northern way of life on the south. Next both sides would have kept or got ride of slavery to end the war. Not only that but not a single slave was freed during the war unless they fought in the armies.

  • Slavery Is Still Wrong

    During the civil war in the United States, southern states fought to maintain the right to keep slaves, while the north and the President fought to release them to freedom. There is no reason to believe that the South was right in their position. Slavery undermines the rights and freedoms due to all humans.

  • Viewpoints on human rights are what made the South wrong in the Civil War.

    In many ways, the North and South were fighting for the same thing in the Civil War: their right to maintain a way of life that worked for them. The agrarian system has worked very well for the South and made it very wealthy. Unfortunately, that success was achieved through the exploitation of millions of slaves, many of whom were brought to the United States against their will and then abused, tortured and killed in the name of building the South.

  • When is a rebellion ever considered right?

    I respect the Confederates for their determination and great fighting skills, but I do not believe their cause was Just. First off, they supported Slavery which is in itself morally wrong. Second, they were traitors and rebels which is unacceptable considering all the violence and destruction their war caused. Thank you for hearing me out and may God bless you all.

  • The south was wrong

    The Civil War was absolutely about slavery. The south's main purpose was to keep their slaves. That was the "states rights" they were fighting for. After succession they fired on fort Sumter with no attempts to negotiate first. They caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of young men. Few of their leaders even believed they were right.

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