• In Terms of Actions, Yes

    Even though the Nazi committed brutal genocides, the Aryans in Nazi Germany didn't lived in fear like the people in USSR did. Furthermore, their economy skyrocketed as Hitler introduced revolutionary policy to tackle unemployment. The Russia meanwhile had gulags and it's equivalent to concentration camps and sometimes it's conditions were way horrid than the Jewish camps. The Nazi were legally and willingly elected by the people of Germany while the USSR started a revolution most people would unwilling to accept. Some countries were too scared of USSR atrocities that they hailed Nazis as liberators.

  • In Terms Of Overall Actions, Yes.

    While Nazi Germany committed heinous, horrific acts such as Kristallnacht, The Holocaust, Roma Genocide, and tried to conquer all of Europe and enforce totalitarianism, I simply believe that the USSR was worse. The Famines and Democides committed by the USSR greatly outnumber those of the Nazis, and were being done before and after the end of Nazi Germany (See the Holodomor). The USSR also encouraged communist revolutions in China, North Korea, Vietnam ,Cambodia and Cuba, causing via affiliation the millions of deaths under Mao,Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Castro, Guevara, Xiaoping, Kim Il Sung etc. They also like the Nazi's sought eventual control over Europe, conquering several countries in Eastern Europe and enforcing brutal oppressive regimes up until the 1980s, including Poland, Yugoslavia (to an extent), East Germany, the Baltic States, and Ukraine. The Soviet Gulags were equivalent or in some cases worse than the Nazi Death Camps, and existed for 30 years, longer than Nazi germany existed at all. Also, the USSR Came to power and enforced it through violence and repression, whereas at least in Germany the Nazi's were "democratically" elected and didn't crush opposition in a 4 year civil war. Finally, the Soviet Union in WW2 committed horrific war crimes on par or even worse than those of the Nazis, to the point that some peoples in Finland, Estonia, Latvia etc even saw the germans as "liberators" (thought to be fair they didn't know about the Nazi's plan to remove the Slavic peoples). Overall, the Soviet Union did acts as bad as the Nazi's for a longer time, and impacted the world more, by affecting more people in more countries, and killing far more people than the Nazis did. Both are still horrific though....

  • In Terms of Actions Commited, No.

    Nazi Germany started World War 2 which killed up to 78,000,000 people, 55,000,000 of which were innocent civilians. They also commited the Holocaust which killed up to 11,000,000 people. The Soviet Union killed more but the Nazis planned to kill more as Hitler planned to kill up to 50,000,000 Soviets before it can annexed into the Third Reich. Hitler planned to kill millions of innocents just because of racism and wanting to create an aryan world. Nazism is also much worse of an ideology than communism as it involves extreme brutality against Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Romas, and other stuff. The Nazis oppress people that called them liberators and even killed them in concentration camps and shooting massacres. The Soviets killed more people but never matches the Nazis as they killed mainly their own people while Nazis killed millions of "undesirable" races.

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