• Yes, Trump University was a fraud.

    Trump University was a fraud because it promised students they would learn how to be successful in the real estate market by Donald Trump. Students paid tens of thousands of dollars to enroll in classes they believed were taught by Trump. Instead, the classes were taught by instructors that were not always considered real estate experts. Furthermore, the level of knowledge gained from the courses has been questioned by many graduates. In short, Trump University defrauded many students by promising them something that was not true.

  • Yes, Trump University was very misleading

    Yes, Trump University was a fraud. It was not a real college or university offering college credit, and although that was explicitly stated and known, it was very misleading. Several lawsuits have been filed against not only the university but also Donald Trump himself for false promises, fake courses, and even racketeering. This entire scandal was due to the for-profit education company being completely fraudulent.

  • No, Trump University was not a fraud.

    While Trump University may not be the road to riches that Donald Trump described it as, fraud is a strong word. I do not believe there was anything fraudulent in its development. Donald Trump has more money than he needs and would not have the need to resort to extract funds from those who could not afford to pay for the education he felt he was offering.

  • No it was not fraudlent.

    No i do not think that Trump University was a fraudulent enterprise. in any business there will be happy and unsatisfied customers. This appears to be the case with the University. For every person involved in the class action suit their are several who are completely satisfied with the education they paid for.

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