• Especially With Michael Phelps's Age

    The USA's gold medal in the swimming relay was a shocking upset considering Michael Phelps's age. I don't think Team USA was expected to win, and perhaps the swimming world underestimated Phelps's preparation for the Summer Olympics. Clearly, he's a man on a mission as he tries to win gold in as many events as possible in what will probably be his final Olympics.

  • The US swimming victory was incredible

    I may be biased - I root for Team USA - but their victory in the swimming relay event was both inspiring and well-deserved. They are all wonderfully talented athletes who fully earned their gold medals. It may be a "shocking upset" to other countries, but as a proud American I thought it was a great moment in the Olympics.

  • US has great swimmers

    US has great swimmers, so it should not be a surprise that there was a relay victory. It is one of the country's better performing sports at the Olympics, along with gymnastics. Let's hope there are plenty of swimming victories this year for our men and women. We need a morale boost in our country.

  • No, not really.

    The USA swimming team has a long history of strong swimmers and has a history of winning lots of races and events. While it may have been a suprise to people who closely follow the sport, there is not really a lot of reasons for the general public to be suprised.

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