• Whipple's views on equality were well ahead of his time.

    I think that William Whipple was definitely ahead of his time in the world that he lived in. His views on race equality were incredibly progressive during the time in which he lived. He wished to have freedom and equality for all members of the human race across America, which was not a sentiment widely shared in that time.

  • Yes, he was.

    Whipple was one of the holdouts who not only believed that both free and enslaved black people should be counted the same as white landholding men, he belived in true equality for all men. This was beyond what most people believed at the time and was a bigger step towards a better world.

  • Yes, way ahead of his time.

    Whipple lived in a time when most of the world viewed "black" people as subhumans who were worthy of slavery and rape. Whipple was one of the few people who stood up and declared that all men, including the wretches (women), were created equally. Yes, he was before his time.

  • No, William Whipple was not ahead of his time.

    No, William Whipple was not ahead of his time; he merely held opinions that were not very popular. Well-known for his belief that all humans were created equal, Whipple was representative of a small but growing number of people who were opposed to slavery. Equality was an important tenet of Enlightenment thinking, and religious groups that included the Quakers were also opposed to the practice. And of course founding father Benjamin Franklin was opposed to slavery. So although Whipple was in the minority, he was in very good company.

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