Watching movies is a total waste of time because they are just some bunch of pretenders.

Asked by: nafsun
  • This is right.

    This is because a lot of student waste a lot of time watching movies than reading their notes and this affect their performance in school. It is a waste of time because when you become addictive to watching movies, their will be a time where you cannot even reading without thinking of finishing a movie that you started watching. So it have a negative influence on the society at large. Furthermore, kids who tend to watch movies have much more tendency to become criminals than kids who do not watch. This is because a lot of movies now a days are created or have some certain criminal acts at some scene which show people the techniques of criminal action and this result in increase in the number of juvenile delinquency in our society and increase in social vices.

  • Of course it is not

    There are many movies that can give you new perpectives and purposes.Also you have time to enjoy and people such as me spend their time by watching sometimes.There are many things that we can say waste of time but watching movie is not one of them.It should not be thougnt general of course all movies are not worth to Watch but you can't say it for all of them

  • This is wrong

    There are educational movies that help people and students outside of school people watch movies for ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATIONAL purposes people get bored and watch movies and i enjoy movies too i just seen the black panter movie and that was one of the most empowering black movie ever and it was educational and entertaining

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